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Ex Matelot in Edinburgh Fringe


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SAILOR | PBH's Free Fringe

Saw some flyers for this guy's show and bumped into him in the Grassmarket yesterday. He's an ex WAFU and some of you might know him. Just thought I'd put it up here in case anybody from Rum Ration is up here for the festival and fancies going along and delivering some proper heckling. I'm probably not going to get to see it as I have other stuff booked, but I hope it goes well for him, unless he slags us off too much.

I reckon Ravers should take his Memoirs of a Matelot dits to the Fringe.
I recognise him, I was either his instructor in the sea harrier school or he passed through my training cell at Wittering. Think he is a Evertonian, so good luck to him


Lantern Swinger
JFH, he did say he'd been at Wittering. If forgotten that bit of our 30 second conversation!
Adam Rushton, loads on YouTube. He was a Pt 4 trainee on 20(R) squadron.

Just spoken to him and he did confirm he was chatting to a couple of ex matelots recently.the wonders of social media
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Slim, I think they are two different acts, one in the free fringe (wafu) one in the regular fringe (soap dodger), one could also see the Royal Navy Guard in the Tattoo at the Castle and then get refused service at the Ensign Ewart for a comprehensive RN themed Edinburgh Festival experience!
Spoke to the ex Wafu yesterday. Seemed a bit clueless. I didn't see his act, but I would imagine it wouldn't be aimed at people who keep black cats
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