ex-Marine wanted for TV adventure

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by jamesross, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. My name is James Ross and I work for an award winning documentary production company called betty TV. I am currently putting together a documentary series called The World’s Most Dangerous Roads and I'm looking to get in touch with an ex-Marine to work with us on the series.

    The job itself would involve leading a series of adventures across the world to drive on 6 of the world’s deadliest roads – think Alaskan ice roads, high Himalayan mountain passes, roads across the Russian steppe and shifting desert tracks. Accompanying you on each road will be a different big name celebrity who will help take the wheel and muck in on the journey. It is a real boys own adventure and should be a lot of fun.

    I want to find someone who is happy to go on camera and front the series, is youngish, confident, enthusiastic and up for an adventure. The films will also engage with the history of these roads, how they were constructed, the challenges faced in building them and how they were engineered so any engineering experience would be a big bonus.

    If you fit the bill or can help me in any way, I’d be very grateful if you could get in touch. My contact details are below. It could be the beginning of a promising and exciting career in TV for the right person.
    Many thanks

    James Ross
    Development Producer
    tel: 020 7290 0660
    [email protected]
  2. :w00t: hey my dads a former royal too and he says hed like the job only one problem hes been banned from driving in the uk but hes still a top notch driver :thumright:
  3. Super boots it looks like the driving is in far flung places- Im sure theres some way he could drive. Sounds like a wicked opportunity anyways.
  4. So what you're saying is that you're not prepared to pay the going rate!

  5. :thanks: cheers bud i wouldnt mind something like it myself but id break the camera or the car just for the sake of it so my dads probably the best bet plus hes old school royal and itd be funny seeing him rip piss out of these wanna bees :threaten:
  6. Id love to see that super-boots, itd make for good TV.
  7. they could call it GUS 's hit and run -travel with an old bootneck :w00t:
  8. I want to find someone who is happy to go on camera and front the series, is youngish, confident, enthusiastic

  9. Mr Ross (any relation to Jonathan Woss??) has also posted on an Engineering website replacing the words ex-marine with Engineer. he's probably posted on Parachute Regiment and other 'elite' forces sites, so not on 'RAF Regiment Rus' then.
  10. Im up for it not a Royal, not youngish, can drive a car submarine wife up the wall. I Have driven pussers tillys for 22 years in every dockyard in the UK, with various cargo (even stores). So if I fit the bill give me a pm.
  11. Super boots, has your dad got in touch yet?
  12. Poor Blobbs. He looks young(ish) to me but maybe not to a TV audience accustomed to soldiers with downy faces and squeeky voices. Do you have female Booties, NZ?
  13. nah he's off for chemo and radiotherapy tomorrow so he aint up for it at the min but im sure if the silly bugga is still wantin a royal when he's better my old man 'll give him his money's worth :rambo:
  14. No Booties in New Zild, well just us ex ones. Some of the female RNZN could pass as Bootnecks though, from what I've seen. Rough as guts.
  15. Is that nice Maori Princess with the healing hands still doing the rounds at Rotoroa. It is a gift from the Gods she told me. Not a bad looker for a kiwi. Compered to the sheep of course.
  16. Super I hope your dad makes a swift and full recovery, Im sure he will being a tough as nails ex bootie and all.
  17. :thumright: cheers bud im sure he'll get through it ok .as they say once a royal always a royal . never seen him give up on owt so im sure this wont get the best of him :threaten:
    anyway time will tell .. :thanks:

  18. Just putting my HR head on now (after working in HR for a while), its actually illegal for you to put that James Ross, and leave yourself open to legal problems.

    I would read about the age discrimination act a little before i get one of my aged marine friends to apply, then consequently take you to court for damages when you deny him the position.


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