Ex-Marine To Ski Length Of Norway


Ex-Marine To Ski Length Of Norway

Updated:12:54, Tuesday December 11, 2007
A former Royal Marine who dodged death in Afghanistan is taking on a daring new adventure.

Dave Leaning is planning to ski solo the entire length of Norway - some 1,600 miles.

Ready for departure

The 28-year-old, who served with 42 Commando in Helmand province as a close combat company radio operator, sets out on the epic three-month ski trek on New Year's Eve.
After losing comrades in horrific landmine attacks, he aims to raise money for the Mines Advisory Group, a UK registered charity which sends out mine clearance teams to war zones around the world.
"While serving in Afghanistan as a Royal Marine Commando, I faced the possibility of walking into a mine field. I returned safely, but sadly others were less fortunate."

"Mines suck. Most people live their whole lives without ever having to face the possibility that they will be killed or mutilated by something they tread on, but for others this fear is the background to their everyday lives," Dave told Sky News.
He left the Marines in May - but they are supporting his expedition, providing mapping, advice and supplies, which will be provided as part of a NATO training exercise during his adventure.
Marine on duty

In his blog diary as he prepares for departure, Dave has been describing his battle to put on weight and build up fat reserves - or 'battle fat' as the he calls it.
"At lunch I made a bacon and egg sandwich... and in the spirit of my new found quest for calories I licked all the fat off the plate, spatula, and frying pan. Then last night I out did myself... I had a chicken curry on a big pile of rice with buttered toast, six pork sausages, and a boiled egg!"
But when he's not fighting to pile on the pounds, Dave is battling to find more sponsors for his mission.
"Getting sponsorship is hard, the bigger the company the harder it is. Somewhere near the top of a big company is some guy who would probably like to sponsor an expedition like this, but getting to speak to that guy is difficult," he said.