Ex Marine has to prove he is British

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Daily Mail

    I know its the Daily Mail but have a read.
  2. Don't trust these Canadians he could be a WALT!! :bball:

    Not sure if it has changed my brother told me if he came for a long stay in the UK he would have to reapply to enter Canada even though he has lived in Canada for thirty years has family over there job etc. He kept his UK citizenship.
  3. because he was born in Canada and has never been issued with British papers.

    Rules are rules! although I'm sure taken has a case by case basis this one should be processed free of charge.
  4. They're not allowing him back in because he founded the Labour Party.
  5. Spoken like a true jobsworth.
  6. I think he ought to contact his former service pals and maybe visit the passport office for a little target practice.

    The world has finally gone mad,I'm off back to Mars!
  7. ...and there lies the error of his ways. He should have had 20 kids by 10 different mothers and not worked a day in his life.
  8. well if this is true... then at least we know the government ARE TRYING... to help us all on imigration, but to me, imigration should not be allowed as we are shooting ourselfs in the foot with a bazooka. But then again if he was a Royal Marine he would not be complaining and would learn that the government throw Sh*t at you anyway so would realise that it is normal. I cant decide but what I can decide is immigrant should not be allowed... want to move another country? then stay there, as why come back? :) immigrants in our country dont go far do they!
  9. Its a wonder that he has got as far as now without ever having to
    get a UK passport . If he was born in Canada with Uk parents his parents should've in the old days have had him added to their passports as an infant.
    Since he took a Canadian passport its mostly his fault ----he's basically applying for dual nationality.
    Maybe he's getting twitchy about his OAP benefits --

    :nemo: :nemo:
  10. I was wondering what is the latest on the Gurkah British citizenship appeal.
  11. There were quite a lot of these cases back in the early 70s when the nationality acts started, a mate of mine was initially refused a passport because he was born in Malta, and his birth registered there. It took a few letters to point out that there was no high commision in Malta at the time so the only place for his birth to be registered was the local Maltese registry office, it took a while but was eventually sorted out. Would have been a bit of a bummer though to find out that a PVed RN officer was a Malt.

    As greenie suggests I am certain that the fact he took up his Canadian passport is the stumbling block, he has accepted Canadian citizenship, now if he wants to have a British passport he has to jump through the standard hoops. He would probably have been better to fight it out back at the start, when he was still serving.
  12. He wanted to have a Canadian passport so go and live in Canada I have been told many times on different sites how crap UK is and how much better Canada Australia NZ etc are He should have thought of it years ago another typical dripping Royal!
  13. Maxi_77, when did the High Commision in Malta pull out? One of my daughters was born in '67 in Malta and I registered her as required at both Mtafa police station and at the HC. Same with my other children in the FEZ and all points East.
  14. Oh for crying out loud, another whinging Canuck who cannot read a simple form for citizenship.

    It is not that hard people! Simply get your British parent's birth certificate and/or marriage certificate and apply for a right of abode. If his father was a Brit, then he can claim citizenship under that and gee, get a passport. I have both a UK passport and a Canuck one, my daughter has both as well and her children have a right of abode in theirs. Neither Canada nor the UK make you give up your citizenship or passports.

    Holding a Canadian passport with a right to abode certificate gets you past the immigration controls in both countries. In the UK, you are simply a returning resident and likewise in Canada - no stamps are placed in the passport.

    God, why are people so thick about this?
  15. There certainly wasn't one there when he was born in the late 1930s, nor were there very many elsewhere, perhaps in the old commonwealth but not in the Empire. After all then the British Raj was last forever.

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