Ex-Liberia leader boycotts trial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Was watching the news last night and this little treat popped up, now, being that my better half has experienced first hand of what this man has done, I think him claiming he is innocent is bull. Apparently claiming that he was innocent/denying the war crime charges he is up on, now to me, it seems foolish that years of terror he caused and death, then claims he didn’t do it, is silly. Just look at the list below of what he is up on;

    Acts of terrorism (WC)
    Murder (CAH)
    Violence to life, in particular murder (WC)
    Rape (CAH)
    Sexual slavery and violence (CAH)
    Outrages upon personal dignity (WC)
    Violence to life, in particular cruel treatment (WC)
    Other inhumane acts (CAH)
    Use of child soldiers (VHL)
    Enslavement (CAH)
    Pillage (WC)

    CAH: Crime against humanity
    WC: War crime
    VIHL: Violation of international humanitarian law

    Now, I go with ‘what comes around, goes around’ and I hope justice is seen out for the many lives and homes lost due to his ruling.

    Full story

    Keep in mind that Liberia is not at peace and that the main cities are still under attack on a regular basis by rebels. Many lives were lost, many were not found, a majority moved to the neighbouring Guinea, just like Sierra Leone and many suffered poverty because of this.
  2. You didn't honestly expect him to say that he admitted he had been a naughty boy and he should be locked up and have his ill gotten gains confiscated did you?
  3. I'd expect more on the lines of 'it wasn't me guv, honest' or 'I wasn't there at the time' or 'I can't remember doing anything of that sort'.

    Not, I am innocent, he should be shot for that :rambo:

    Anyhow, what is to be of him, will he been inprisioned in West Africa, for sure he won't be jailed in Liberia, Sierra leone or Nigeria. Seeing as the UN has him and Liberia was an American Col. would he be deported to a US prision? Or kept in an African one?
  4. He's probably going to go the Saddam Hussain route in his ploys in the court.
  5. I think I heard a clip on the radio that said he will be jailed here if found guilty, yet another scrounging immigrant.
  6. He is yet another product of the corruption that is endemic in sub Saharan Africa. I was going to state Black Africa, however with the attitudes of some on RR I would immediately have been branded a racist.
    This region of the world has managed to produce more corrupt leaders than any other continent.
    We should stop trying to enforce democracy, stop all aid and use the money saved to compensate those who forced to flee their countries of birth due to the actions of these leaders.
  7. Saharan Africa - This ain't west Africa, think you maybe referring to South and East Africa :thumright:

    West Africans tend to look at middle and south Africa for the people being dirty.
  8. Easier said than done, take Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia..........once the UN decided to step in, around 30,000 odd people were dead. I know it stands to whether the UN will enter or peace keep but when it comes to genocide, isn't there a human response to act upon?
  9. Trouble with reacting to genocide is the West will be damned if it does and damned if it doesn't.
    We have caused enough mayhem in Africa as it is, lets not get involved with any more.

  10. jenny

    I heard last night that Britain will imprison him if he's found guilty. yet again we are paying for someones 3 square meals a day.
  11. May I refer you to my post of 1006 above.
  12. Apologies maxi, must have missed your last

  13. No problems, just pay attention in future. :director:
  14. Sorry, eh what, who???


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