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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by chippys_party, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. so i spoke to hms forward (i've now moved home) and they said i keep my rate but might lose it while i am trainning , dont have to do new entry or lrcc again .but i forgot to ask about my good conduct badge do i lose it or keep it?
    do i keep my old service number?
    and what trade would be good for a ex killick?
    can anyone help????
  2. So you don't have to do NE or Raleigh, result... but you lose your hook for training?? What exactly is 'training'?

    Can you remind us of how long you've been out (can't be arsed looking through old threads)

    As for your GCB you keep that.
    Unless there is a continuity between regular and reserve you won't keep your original SN
    Trades- take your pic of AWFP, Logs, CIS and another obscure branch I know nothing about, something to do with shipping routes.
  3. Ok, Firstly you only lose your rate through training during the in-house package. Quite a bit of the RNR stuff will be different from the RN, so you'll have to spend a period of time in new entry learning that. As you'll be a trainee in that department you will wear new entry tabs the same as the rest of the current intake. Once that's done I assume that you'll put your rank slides back on and go into a new branch. As it's unlikely you'll be in a branch the same as the RN you'll have to start that branches training at the bottom, although it shouldn't take you too long to move onwards and upwards, depending on how much effort you put in.

    As previously stated you definitely keep your GCB's.

    You will get the opportunity to have a bit of an aquaint, or at least a chat about all of the branches with someone in that specialisation and all being well, get your pick of the branches. I would suggest you sidle up to one of the old and bold from each branch and have a chat at the bar and maybe even someone fairly new to things to get a different perspective.

    Good luck!
  4. Bight your lip, do the new entry bit in unit. I am sure you will end up teaching them all you know. You probably will have forgetten more than they will ever learn. Only when we get more people joining like your self will the situation change.

    Now stop asking questions of Faceless Wonders on the internet and go do some thing!

    ps. You will keep your badge and get a medal after your second one but before you get your third. How mad is that!

    You will also get a new number. I've had three!
  5. During my time at Ganges, at the start of the adult entries we had a "4 badgeman" Time done in thr Army/RAF? and he had been made class leader
  6. When was that, I seem to remember a 4 badge ex-crab being there. He even made Navy News!!!!!!
  7. Early 74
  8. Chippys-Party,

    I would suggest that if you do not have to undertake basic again then there will be no need whatsoever for you to sit in a new entry class wearing those pretty new entry tabs.

    Any training you do need to get you into the swing of things can probably be given by an oppo.

    The only things that i can see which may be different from regulars is the paperwork. Pick your branch, get your initial training completed and voila.

    hookyh - can you expand on why you think the bloke would have to do any in unit new entry when the RNR doesn't deem it necessary for him to complete basic again. The in unit new entry package is structured to prepare a newbie for their two weeks at RALEIGH. If he doesn't have to do RALEIGH, then where's the use in doing the in unit package?
  9. sold !!!!! going in the first week in nov!! best dust my steaming bats and prep my strawberries for the first run!! looking forward to it . has for the trade , ill let that sit for a bit untill i see some one there ! better go for a run
  10. I'm still waiting for the word from pompey before I get the go-ahead.

    New entry yes or no then?? both arguments on here thus far.
  11. Chippy what branch were you in the mob (guessing stoker) , what unit are you going ? Well Eaglet and KA may have stokers anywere else you've dipped.
    Rant mode on I found most RNR not ex mob knobs, "this is how it done in the navy" but don't have a clue Rant off.

  12. That would be NCAGS, thank you very much.
  13. No stokers at Eaglet; I'd be surprised if there were any at KA (there may be a few kicking round the RNR as NE instructors & so on, but it's not a branch open to the Reserve, & as such there is neither the requirement nor any training).

  14. There used to be a few at the sea going units that used to have ships, but as you say not an open branch which is a shame really because its a shortage branch with a lot of ex stokers not wanting to join the upperdeck sentry branch or whatever its called now :?
  15. whats that ment to mean that all ex rn in the rnr are knobs !!!!!! :evil:
  16. Try reading it again, but I will take you though it hand in hand "i found most RNR" thats most but not all. "not ex mob" meaning they have been full time navy service "knobs" says it all really but even ex RN have knobs which you have just proved. :knob:
  17. Oh yes, Thanks rosina :)
  18. Hey, I'm ex stoker (now reserve) and if any sleek grey requires a steam throttle op or boiler puncher, I'm available...!! :D
  19. Chippys_Party have pm'd you
  20. nice people on here !!!! just needed to understand the felling on ex mob joining the rnr as they/me miss the goodtimes . but now i have my answer .thanks for calling be a knob you must know me really well or something

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