Ex-KGB officer poisoning probed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Keep telling you all, London has some dodgy food!

    Full story
  2. wasny one of the opposition leaders poisoned a bit back?They showed some before and after pics and he looked real bad!
  3. That would be Viktor Yushchenko. Ukrainian opposition leader. Dioxin poisoning.
  4. And don`t for one minute believe our Government would`nt stoop so low.
  5. One thing though, it was in a sushi restaurant, could it be possible he either ordered puffer fish or, if not, the dish he did order could have been prepared on a contaminated surface or with contaminated implements?

    I am not trying to disparage the restaurant but it is something to bear in mind.

  6. Maybe it was the same place the Spurs team got food poisening last season, where Arsenal finished 4th, and Spurs missed out on a Champions league slot!
  7. The only thing that stops them I think is they know they would probably c*ck it up, like everything else they do.
  8. Like the Marconi deaths?
  9. Or MOD scientist Dr. David Kelly..................ooops! What I meant to say was 'move along everyone there's nothing to see here'.
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Pufferfish, or fugu, does not contain thallium - this is the substance with which the ex-spook has been contaminated according to the medics.
  11. Some of us will remember the injecting with a sedative of a woman in Murmansk who dared stand up and complain vociferously about the cock up in the rescue attempt on the Kursk - filmed by the world's TV and they still didn't give a toss.
  12. Wait a miniute, she was going crackers! And this man is a defector... My wife says Putin is 100% big man and everybody who is against him needs to go swimming in icy lake. They cannot be faulted comrade!
  13. I remember that, she wasn't going crackers, just speaking out (ok at the top of her voice because she was p****d off), so they tired to silence her, unlucky for them it was caught on camera. Also anyone remember when a Chinese minster visited the US not to long ago, and a Chinese women started protesting about human rights (of course she could never have done that in her country of origin) and the American Authorities arrested her...
  14. Yeah, she was a journo wasn't she? I would have put a couple of 20mm rounds into her. That would have fixed things proper.
  15. oops clanger dropped, obviously didnt read it properly (slaps self hard)

  16. Thallium isnt something that you can just drop down your local Boots or ASDA and pick up!Looks like the russkis are back to their old tricks.Apparently in the last 5 years the increase in their overseas operatives that have been identified has risen by over 300%!!!!!Spending on their Internal and External Secret security had tripled!
  17. Andy - perfectly correct. You cannot buy Thallium at Boots or ASDA. It would take you at least 5 days to obtain from EBay at a cost of US$49.99. The cut-slab Thalium in a vacuum sealed glass ampoule would kill a couple of dozen secret agents. Hurry whilst stocks last. I think that we should stick with Ricin. Far more civilised and far easier to source.

  18. LOL

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