Ex-foreign natonals in RN?


I've been living in the UK for more than 5 yrs now after leaving a Western European navy in which I served as sr PO WEM.
Been doing a couple of jobs that don't pay too badly, but desk job work and the politics some of these colleagues use are doing my head in.
I was wondering if anyone here has heard of any "foreigners" that have been accepted by the RN recently, as I am well considering joining.
I'm not yet 37, still a couple of yrs away... And my English wife has given me her blessing... :)

My apologies if this question might already have been asked...


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If you hold dual nationality you may be in with a chance, but only British, Commonwealth and Irish citizens are eligible to serve in the RN and depending on which of those someone is (and whether dual or sole national), certain branches may or may not be open to them.
If the above does not apply to you, then you could always see whether there are any jobs in NATO going - try www.nato.int
Not sure what else I can suggest I'm afraid. Good luck!


Re: Ex-foreign nationals in RN?

I saw the nationality requirements on the RN website. It looks as SM service is definitely out of reach. I don't currently hold dual nationality and as my home country doesn't permit dual EU nationality I would have to relinquish it.
I'll have to apply for naturalisation based on residenceship (after 5yrs) or based on my marriage to a British citizen.
I'll start with contacting the regional recruitment office and see if the MoD might be able to speed things up a bit with the Home Office... Because if they work at the speed of Inland Revenue et pares.............
Alternativley mate, there is so much work in the oil industry now it is embarrasing. With a technical ex forces background they will snap you up. The money is great (I've been doing it 4 years and get the same pay as a commander, trainees are on about a Warrant officers pay) and it is an average of 6 months work a year, 4 or 6 weeks on and the same off.
Just a thought, if you or anyone else is interested pm me and I'll give you some contacts.
In the words of our heroes the villiage people
"They're signing up fpr seamen fast"


I'd say, bring on the "oil industry" contacts... :)

This was the reply I got:
"Basically your first hurdle is to get British citizenship. The armed forces do not help in any way. You will, as you pointed out, lose Belgian citizenship.
Your previous service will not be taken into account. You will start at the
bottom of the Ladder on £12,000 :roll: per year."

No way I could even consider this @ the age of 33, and nearly ten years experience...

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