Ex forces groups in the middle east

Hello all you happy ex matelots (I'm joking, I know Matelots are never happy!)

I've just left the Mob and I'm heading out to the middle east for work. I'd love it if anyone out there could put me in touch with any groups of ex matelots (or at a push any ex forces) who enjoy a good meet up and social!

Cheers all!


War Hero
The Middle East covers a lot of territory. Care to narrow it down to the nearest country?

In the meantime, you could check the RBL and RNA sites to see if they are represented camelside, LinkedIn for individuals you may know. Get yourself on LinkedIn. My experience of Dubai on visits is that the ex service engineers live to work and socialising is rationed and about professional relationships & status. Don't expect them to join in with a raucous rendition of the Lobster Song and a game of spoof.
Cheers for that!

I'm going to be based in Dubai however work will have me all over the Gulf states and I'd love to get hold of any groups anywhere!
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