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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by PhantomPhixer, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Are there many rum rat ex wafu's living out there in Spain. Just asking because I'm about to move near to Murcia.

  2. Murcia The land where " NUTTY " dwells, be afraid.....................
  3. Jimmy Logan (ex CPO(AH) among many.
  4. I thought Jimmy had retired to Gozo? :eek:
  5. PP,

    Be very afraid? Nah!

    Are you thinking of somewhere near Mazarron or perhaps Cartagena (with its lovely bronze(d) sailor statue :) Oh how I wanted to bring him home and look after him! :D )

    Plus points: When ordering brandy and coffee you get a standard sized coffee and almost as much sweet Spanish brandy to accompany it - all for just over a pound!!! And there was me thinking I could never live in Spain... er...well... perhaps. Morsehorse also lives in Mazarron. In fact if Rosie and the PO Stoker retired to Mazarron, I'd probably buy myself a holiday home there - for the cool Winter months complete with swimming pool! :twisted:

  6. Nope - definitely Espana.
  7. I live in Murcia Ex Chiefwren Jenny oops thats blown it then!!
    Widowed 2005 late hubby ex MAA but let's keep that amongst ourselves!!
    Love it here and best decision we ever made
    And hey you get to meet up with Nuttyand AAC!! As long as you have a bottle of pussers Rum
    What could be better
  8. Well at least its reachable by Ryanair --not like the ex handlers I know who went to Oz and USA !!!
  9. Thanks Fido :wink:
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen
    There are a few personas living near me in spain who are from the branch where "Our good looks and generosity are only exceeded by our charm and grace". It is of course that of chockhead AH. The ones i no of are as follows.
    My Good self Almoradi.
    (trog) Bannister Redovan
    Lennie Eaton Mazzaron
    Jimmy Logan Mazzaron
    John Phimister Abalaous
    Don Swaffield Abalaous
    Jeff Thomas Mojacar
    (splott) hurley Malaga way somewhere
    Brian Lewis Malaga way somewhere
    There are a few more dotted round espana, check on google earth. go close to spain. where you see the dust flying, there is probably a chockhead causing it .
  11. Lennie Eaton, I hear, has taken the cloth!
  12. Fido
    Yes he has taken the cloth,he was Deacon at my local church here in Mazarron,and now believe he has taken over from the Norwegian Padre.
    He is a lovely man and was a great help to me when my late husband died here in Spain
    God Bless you Lennie
    Forever grateful
  13. Morsey baby and fido
    i can indeed confirm lennie has taken over from the norwiegen Devil dodger. He is now No1 devil dogger and sin bosun. Wont say much more or ill not get another drop of pussers rum when i call in at his abode. And behind every great man there is and even greater woman, meaning rosemary his good lady is making sure he is keeping everything tiddly and ship shape.
  14. Lambs Navy Rum Sangria

    My lovely lassie is Spanish (met her in Pompie contray to the meth of a sailor has a woman in every port!) and we use the finest Lambs Navy Rum to make a very delicious refreshing Sangria.

    Has anyone tried this - (I can't pronounce the second part of it) Tinto...Va... ran...o

    Take a long glass, add 1/3 red wine and 2/3 Orange Fanta, add ice (Yellow in Spanish) and bobs your uncle, a very refreshing summer drink.

    However I prefer 2/3 red wine, a touch of fanta and a few lumps of ice. It sets you up for an evening!

    Esta Fantastico!
  15. I like Spanish girls but I hate it when just as I am about to get my end away they shout Olay and with the speed of a matadors cape move out of the way :money:
  16. Fred an open invite for a tot when you and your good lady are down here.
    Have a good stash of Pussers from our latest sojourn to Gibraltar
    MH :thumright: :thumright:
  17. Muchas grasias senora, muchas grasias
  18. Fred,

    Please pass to Lennie when you see him next very best regards from Roger Bevan, Roger Bodnarchuck, Vic Murphy, Brian Pearce and Paddy Ashe all still alive (just) and serving as over aged civil servants (except for Paddy who's on FTRS) at Yeovilton.

    Best regards,

  19. Slim,

    Haven't heard from you for ages - how are you?
  20. Flew over Gozo the other day - it looked very, very hot and dry, a sort of dull Balti brown!

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