Just a line to let you know that myself (MOD civil servant Naval Tpt RM Stonehouse) and a team from HMS Ocean are entering this years Ex Enduring Help, a 24hr off road motorcycle event. This entails riding a pussers Harley 350E round a 5 mile off road course for 24hrs, one bike 4 riders no sand training and at the moment no support crew (no cuff to tough).
Before the event I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have sponsered myself and the team for this event and those who have provided the equipment and bikes and Transport for this event.
Charities are Child line St Dunstans Army Benevolant Fund and our teams chosen Charity of Help For Heroes.
Hopefully an article in the Navy News will let you all know how we get on, I will also post here again if anyone would like to know what went on.
Thanks again to all those who have helped.
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