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Ex CD's book (mine) :)

You were a monthly dipper ships diver, oh how we tortured them when they came to the section to get their minutes in :) :) :)
Yep, don't I know it! The odd time or two I unfortunately had to do monthly dippers, no matter how long I was in the water it always came to 59 minutes - funny old thing!

i was one of the rare ones that actually enjoyed 'the work' and was usually kept well employed either onboard or in Dolphin.
I was drafted to Faslane (Clyde Submarine Base Diving Team) twice to keep the sundodgers dodging. Prop changes, towed arrays, dry docking, torpedo trials etc. plenty of diving work, work hard and play harder :) I believe it's now called the Northern Diving Group.
You missed out your normal job, connecting the shit pipe ;)
There's mahoosive congers everywhere!

There was a story years ago about a guy being dragged across Loch long by a giant conger - he was found wandering in the road on the other side from where he'd been diving or fishing!

I'll see if I can find it.
Clawing my way up an Amazon bestseller list, Christmas is coming so buy a copy & help me buy my Carribean Island, wets will be on me


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