Ex blond crabfat down Boogy Strasse

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NorwayChris, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Do any of you olduns remember that blond bomb shell of a kaitai down boogy strasse ? :D this was in the 70`s and who knows maybe he was there in the 80`s although my brother ( who is here on hols in Spain) seems to remember seeing this ex crabfat down there in the 80`s he isnt so sure as his memory is worse than mine,

    No i didnt do this crab but i know of several who got blown by it,and yes they will be blackmailed one day , :wink: , i am just biding my time,this is a serious post so i dont want any lewd remarks about homo tranny back door sex,thankyou all :wink:
  2. Thats not like you at all, you ill? :lol:
  3. This is a gen dit,i have had dinner with said ex crab,NO i wasnt on the menu, :D
  4. :roll: Surely you dont mean the 'crabfat' medic from RAF Changi? Aye JR :angel8:
  5. I think your right,i think he was still serving when he was offering his services to jolly jack ext ext,
  6. This is the first post that I recall seeing that someone else knew of this guy ....!!

    Yep! Had a fottie (long ago lost), which I took back, with others, to Uk, all my mates in the local wouldn't believe that they were of the male gender !
    He must have been there in the late 60s also.

    And No!! I didn't have the opportunity .... before any replies come back :p
  7. whitemouse,you little rodent you :D are you sure you didnt do him, :wink: i never did it but am guilty of buying him some chinky nosh BUT only because i was curious about him, :D

    Ps if anybody did him it would have been RumRat, :D
  8. 8) That 'crab' kaitai had the best line in frocks seen down the Bugis St it was reputed that 'she' had a spare locker on base to keep all the frilly bits in 'How do I know' some matelot off the Bulwark told me?? :oops: :oops:
  9. OH MY GOD,you mean he had knowledge of this um er ladies frilly bits,i bet he was a stoker,no way was he a seaman, :D
  10. Reminds me of that ancient song, that went something like.

    "If you want to stay pure and sweet stay away from Bugis Street.
    Singing rum and co-cola hey up your fat Arrse hola, mother and daughter working for Malayan dollar."

    No personal knowledge of course, it was before my time-
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Never seen so many disclaimers on one subject!
  12. NO ! NC - I didn't - my old mum told me to stay pure !!!

    I didn't know he was a medic, I didn't get too close.

    I now see that another poster also knew of this "person" (Bootneck 54) - Any more for the thread?, piccies would be a bonus too !!

  13. You bunch of old slappers!!
  14. If its the same as i am thinking he had a mate also a crabfat .I think they were both corperals as of the time i am thinking of .from around the same rea their were a few who were found out and charged did time dismissed the service
  15. :D :D :D ,
  16. He was a mousey haired RAF Corporal. He was also the ugliest he-she on Bugis Street ; with a honking snot-box and skinny white legs. He/she had a little motor-scooter that he used to ride in from Changi with his blonde wig, shoes and dress in a box on the back pannier. He was saving money for an operation but we were never sure whether it was for his nose or his chest.

  17. ugliest he-she on Bugis Street, :D ,he wasnt that bad,i remember when we were eating our chinky nosh that he kept stareing into my deep sea blue eyes and twitching his nose at me,think i better stop there, 8)
  18. You were lucky that his twitching nose didn't poke your eye out. I was a young and absolutely essence bit of skin, tromboning an RAF WO's daughter on a regular basis so big-nosed RAF Corporals weren't on my designated target list.

    Which awakens some old memories...........42 Cdo used to have a pipe-band and on New Year's eve one of the RM cat-stranglers stood on the roof of the Bugis Street heads piping in the New Year. Same RAF he/she was bouncing up and down in delight!!!!!!!

    One of the pipers was Irish and he went on to NP 8901. He fell overboard from HMS Endurance in the South Atlantic and was never seen again.

  19. :D [​IMG]
    Aye JR keeper of the peace Transit Rd
  20. BZ that Man !! Take a makers... :thumbright:

    The one bottom left looks a little like Cher !! :lol:

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