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Ex army


Hi all new to this so I left the army 18 month ago and around 3 month ago decided I wonted to join the navy any way 3 months pass not heard any thing kept my self fit lost the weight I needed I get a phone call this week I have been accepted taking me back on my army wage an pension etc but what as confused me is I do not have the do the full basic training as I’m already military trained I was fully expecting to do the 10 weeks basic training I have been told I will be doing a small package as any body heard of this I only sent my paper work in Friday so been left hanging all weekend I get I’m military trained but it’s two completely different service to one another

Chris P

War Hero
Don't be confused accept it, no washing, ironing and I'm sure you already know how to march and live closely with others, you might have to do a course in basic english punctuation though, that's a big mouthful without taking a breath. ;) I had an ex para mate in the mob back when...he was a good hand and knew what was what.

Good luck with however it goes for you I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Lantern Swinger
And we salute shortest way up, shortest way down, hand at 45 degrees to horizontal. No wasted effort for us ;)


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Rlc driver accepted as ws aww

I presume it will be because of the time you have spent outside. Under a certain period (24 months I think), if you are fully qualified in your role (GTS) you will be able to do the 1 week package of RNFT/Swim test and kit issue and then move to Collingwood to compete your Phase 2 training.

As others have said, don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy CWD.

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Yes I’ve heard of the short “navalisation”course. One of my POs on my last ship was a former RLC chef come dark blue. He had to learn our rates and ranks, how to amend his marching and saluting, some basic seamanship lessons everyone who isn’t Warfare branch quickly forgets and his CBRN lessons for joining his first ship. From what I understand it’s not far off what the RNR do when they go to HMS Raleigh for 2 weeks to do their phase one.

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