Ex army wanting to join royal navy

i served in the army for 5 years and due to me not liking it i signed off and left. iv been out for just over a year now.
i did apply for the navy when i was 17 just before joining the army, but i failed the test, (the english one i think by 3 marks) and was told to come back in six months. me being impatient joined the army, which now i regret because it was the navy that i wanted.
im in civvy street now and have a crap job. i hate it. now i want to join the navy as a seaman specialist and and do the maximum time in the navy.
does anyone have any tips or advice for me.

cheers dave

p.s. im now 23 and have a clean military/civvy record.
My tip is to go to your nearest AFCO and get the ball running as soon as possible.

They will have to get the information of your previous service in the Army.

Your AFCO will give you the best advice.

On my ship there's an ex Army Sgt who joined the Navy, took him a year to get his Leading Hand rate up and is currently a LS(AWW). He had to do phase 2 WS training though but they pushed him through as quick as they could.
ill do any training they want. im keen for this. i want to amend my crap decision from when i was 17. is it true that the wait time is 30 months.
StixJimboRM said:
dave11 said:
is it true that the wait time is 30 months.
It may be different for you as a re-entry, Ninja_Stoker or Supermario, the resident CA's, will no doubt be along to answer your questions fairly soon.

Good luck, and welcome to the site.
thank you. how do you do that quot thing. will they look at this post will they.
On the post you wish to quote click on the tab "quote" top right of the post you wished to quote. Then write your bit making sure you don't write within the quote it self otherwise it doesn't look right.

NS and SM will look at this post do not worry, they regularly answer as soon as possible but they are busy AFCO guys themselves.

They too will always say it is always best to speak to your own AFCO though. So don't hang around for answer if they've not replied by Monday.

Good luck with it all.
soleil said:
Hi Dave

Welcome to Rum Ration!

Your papers will have to be obtained from Kentigern House in Glasgow; getting them takes a long time, to be honest.

My top tip for you is to kickstart this on Monday. Find the nearest Royal Navy Careers Advisors from this list and on Monday, either call them, e-mail them or just drop in.

why do they take a long time, surly its just finging them and then posting them? my nearest is liverpool or wrexham. ill ring them monday and ask for a appointment.


War Hero
The only word of caution I'd re-emphasise for those joining with former service is that on average you have to add about 3 or 4 months to the standard waiting time to that of a first time joiner.

It sounds bonkers as logic would suggest it's quicker, but unfortunately the delays, as already alluded, are the process time to track down your former service documentation (between 1 or 2 months at present) then gain approval to process - this can take another 4-6 weeks as they also conduct basic security checks.

Due to the waiting period to join many trades, the 'clock' starts when you pass the recruiting test & state your chosen trade. be aware the medical examination, fitness test, interview & security clearance could realistically take place a year or more after passing the test if your chosen trade has a long waiting time to join.

You don't need to make an appointment to call into your AFCO but early morning is good, make sure you take your Army Red Book, ensuring your certificate of service & discharge certificate are within, your birth certificate, passport, NHS number & NI number to speed things along. You'll probably be asked to sign a couple of consent forms so we can gain the release of your service med docs & certificate of termination.

Best of luck.
Go to Liverpool if you can. I know one of the Careers Advisors there. He's a top bloke.
Very close to AFCO is the well known pub 'HMS Liverpool'.

Some good pictures of the T42 on the wall plus previous HMS Liverpool's. Maybe worth a visit after youve been to the office 8)

Best of luck with your application and strike while the irons hot.
Well, regarding getting anything from Kentigern House, it took 3 weeks for them to get back to me regarding my discharge papers etc and apparently that was fast for them, they aint exceptionally helpful either, so get down to the AFCO and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. As to the wait time, N_s or SM will hopefully appear sometime soon
i cnt believe it take so long.
well ill be going the liverpool careers office on monday. ill let you all know what is said.

cheers to everyone who commented on this.

dave11 said:
Best of luck with your application and strike while the irons hot.
what you mean by this[/quote]


When someone says "Strike while the iron is hot", they mean "an opportunity is presenting itself, so grab it, quick!" It's just a saying.

It's a phrase which came originally from blacksmiths making horseshoes; they need to hit the iron when it is hot, before it cools down, as that gives them an opportunity to bend it the way they want it to go.
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