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Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

Reading these comments, i realise i have so much more to learn, haha! Looking forward to it.

When your ship returns to port after month long patrol the first night ashore the banter is relentless and your sides will ache the next day from so many laffs , in my experience having 2 elder brothers who were Coldstream Guardsmen RN humour tends to be slightly darker than Perc , enjoy it.
Recently been through a CT branch brief and something that came as a surprise to me was that after phase 2 training, a significant number of postings are on RAF bases in the North of England/Yorkshire.

I set my account up many moons ago whilst still in Yorks (hence the username) but nowadays have a home in SE England. I'm happy enough to be away doing sea time or deployments overseas but coming back to a long term shore posting that involves driving to/from Lincs to see family is pretty unappealing.

Are there any shore postings closer to the SE for CTs and if so is it particularly difficult to be placed into them? If not - and a 2 year stint in RAF Digby/Scarborough is almost certain - then is transfer out of the branch to ETWE (or similar) possible during the early stages of training?
Reality mate is you'll have no idea where you're being posted until you complete about 2 and a half years training.

Then (just like almost every other branch) you'll meet with drafty, who will take your preferences into consideration, however the needs of the service will prevail.

If you get a posting after 2.5 years training that you don't like and you say you want to branch transfer. You'll be laughed at as you're handed your tickets to wherever you're drafted to.

Will be the same with all branches.

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There are SE England drafts for sure. However as a junior rate you will likely spend your first few drafts on operational deployments.

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^A serious Bummer in your personal circumstances but par for the course considering the RN's renowned Policy of drafting folk close to their nearest & dearest but well away from their wives/husbands/ & family.

Hopefully a person from that Branch may provide better information but a different branch may well be the better option regarding available shore appointments down South.
If, by the sounds of it you are already in. It will be very difficult to branch TX you. I have just had a lad in my Phase 2 division who’s a CT, wanting to do more ‘cyber’ stuff. I spoke with the training pipeline manager and they said words to the effect of ‘No chance. The Navy have invested a lot into you being a CT, including the DV and a transfer is out of the question.’

I myself live in Hull (moved in with my Mrs, so my choice). However, have always been a Pompey rate for nearly 22 years. So, unless they start putting tail T23 or T45 in Hull I’ve dipped and I will be doing the weekend warrior for at least the next 10 years.

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