Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

To be fair, i have ironed out the foot stamping but my salutes do sometimes go a bit swirly if i have to chop one off before i have time to think about it....lol.

Thanks all, see you Monday sir.
@Sumo I am lucky I have kept my buttons - let alone got my Warrants. I think the quote from a previous OPS Officer I had of 'This man is too much of a lower decker' sealed the Dartmouth deal for me.
sort of sealed my own fate, told them what to do with Charge Chief and 2OE, hence write-ups never reflected my brilliance, or something like that.;)
Would you rather be a lower decker?
i finish a chief, I would do it again all the same, I was not officer material, reading and writing was required? if my kids had shown an interest i would have told them to look at the wardroom as an engineer or doctor type. When I saw officers in Abbey wood I realised they had or what appeared to have a good career path and a better sea shore ratio.
Reading these comments, i realise i have so much more to learn, haha! Looking forward to it.
When your ship returns to port after month long patrol the first night ashore the banter is relentless and your sides will ache the next day from so many laffs , in my experience having 2 elder brothers who were Coldstream Guardsmen RN humour tends to be slightly darker than Perc , enjoy it.