Ex-Army Chief Says West Has No Strategy For IS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. At first I thought that it was a former CGS having a pop at Adml Alan but it was a former CDS speaking sage words.

    At last, a brown job that understands balanced jointery!
  2. I haven't heard a quote from any source suggesting that dealing with IS will be quick and easy. The yanks are openly stating that they have no strategy in place and that even when they have it will take months rather than weeks to execute.
    To eradicate the threat of IS completely will mean bombing Assad's enemies in Syria and that alone will be a difficult pill to swallow.
  3. Dealing with is won't be easy but at least the government can look at passenger manifestos of Brits flying direct to Syria or bordering countries, that will certainly help track down suspected british citizens going there to fight, they can then flag them up at uk border post. It would seem similar to the Ira problem, however at the height of the troubles you didn't need a passport to travel between Eire and the UK, so I think that Cameron and his cronies better make the most of his head start and come up with a viable, let's not sit back and see what happens, plan

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  4. JCT

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    It's a bit of a clusterfuck in that regard. Vast majority of trips to Pakistan, Syria, Iraq etc are completely innocent visits by family members, meaning any vetting process using that system opens up the Govt. to be called racist, generalising bastards. And that label is not very conducive to votes.
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  5. That is exactly the attitude potential returning terrorists are counting on. I have no doubt that anyone wishing to return to this country(the UK) could do so without having to confront the Border Agency(or whatever they're calling themselves this week) but this doesn't mean we can't give anyone who arouses suspicion the chance to explain their travel details on return whatever the colour of their skin. It may ruffle a few feathers or lose a few votes but who cares when it is for the greater good.
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  6. The point he made that immediately caught my attention was that we don't need the Army to provide effect in foreign scenery. At last, someone high up the food chain accepts that Naval and Air Forces can be more effective. He seems to be advocating that the natives or their neighbours should provide the bodies to occupy the ground with the aid of the clever and expensive stuff.

    The political and diplomatic stuff is just that but needs the planning, will and commitment to carry it through.

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