Ewopped by Fdt transfer

I've been Serd'sd through FiErds inability to PRO me although I arrived at HMS Raleigh well before the DSTH'L.
For Christ's sake is that fair?
Only DSTH'L??? What toss bag came up with that?
I've e mailed mum and said I'm off
theoldti said:
what the F**K are you on about?????????????????
Didn't you go to Raleigh and have your DIRJ's made to look a fool by those butch PTI's Humiliating I found it and so did my mum when she came down. Honestly! are DIRJ's so important in this nuclear age?
Scouse_Scribes said:





So we can all get a bead on what you are on about
A bead? Just what sort of bead do you have in mind? Alabaster? Glass? Paste? Crystal? Please explain.

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