Evolution by Natural Selection

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Darwin you were right, nature solves its problems by recurrence and evolves them out.
    Soon we will have a navy capable of putting down newbies with a sentence,
    and whilst speaking perfect English in a truly grammatical context, will row the only boat left around Hyde Park Lake.
    Although I never did in all honesty see the tot as a problem, and evolution was too quick for me there, could have give it another 18 years. :(
    You never was fast enough with that fuckin CPO Slade though was you.
    Rule Britannia.
  2. Just watching the proms reenactment of the last night 1910.
    Thinking lustfully on the possibilities of a session with the female on "first flute". Flowing rhythm :) :) :roll:
  3. It is remarkable how many honeys you get in the woodwind section. I remember, as a lad, lusting after Elizabeth Peerless, flautist in the Halle band. I still couldn't resist drooling over Morfan Edwards squeezing her harp between her knees.
  4. I want the London Symphony Orchestra for Christmas. The blokes I will sell and the women,......oh Jesus those women 8O 8O 8O :oops: 8)
  5. We have a local bookmaker who runs a bet line called the silly local.
    The idea is you can have a bizarre bet on a number of local events like high school basket ball games, and he gives great odds provided you lay a minimum £50.00 bet. Its real hard core betting to me and not a thing I get involved in ...usually.

    However I closed a building society account today and there was £150 in it.
    I hired a van to move some gear for my daughter and filled the tank on my car. That left £53 and so I laid a silly bet. It came in for me at 4 to 1 odds. Not a fortune but really chuffed as mine is usually the lot of "better luck next time" :)
  6. Caught the Last Night last night, the man in black, Maxim Rysanov was ace, some tit in the crowd gave one clap half way through thinking he was finished, he had only just started, so impressed I downloaded the Variations on a rokoko theme this morning, bargain @ £7-49.

    Lots of nice honeys in their evening gowns playing up a storm and the whole world listening in, wonder what they thought.

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