Every thing gives you cancer

Another far reaching probe into the state of the nations health has come up with the conclusion that if you eat red meat, processed meat, product of pig, drink alcohol and are even a little over weight, you run an increased risk from cancer. Live by the conclusions of this review and you may live to 140, or it might just feel that way!

I like to live on the edge so I had a lovely bacon sarnie for breakfast.... :thumright:

I always wonder about this sort of thing when I look at my great uncle's life.

He died last year and he would never eat anything grilled. Everything, including his cooked breakfast in the morning had to be fried in fat and then the fat tipped on the top of his bacon, beans, egg, sausages, etc. He chain smoked 60 fags a day, always had a bottle of teachers, famous grouse or bells by his side, and always sat in his chair, not doing a shred of exercise.

He would have been 97 this year.

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