Ever dipped in then worried WHY

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jack_McHammocklashing, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I had the good fortune of getting some great easy numbers, then worried myself sick as to my competences

    Although all my service docs have VG Supr and all my exams were passed at between 97 and 100 percent in the trade (comms sparker)
    I did my job then almost always got some cushy number

    Fearless, Bridge Wireless Office watchkeeper three months, then six months Chiefs Mess Messman, tidy up 09:00 to 11:00 go collect neat Rum take to mess issue RUM, Get given lots of neaters, sometimes allowed to bottle up, lots of extra pennies from chiefs for been a good messman
    almost three quid a week when my pussers pay was seven

    Mercury, several times, then as ships company, where I became the Jimmys assistant, selling tomato's for ships funds, polishing sword and leather strapping (excused divisions) every weekend off, extra cash as tips from ociffers and senior rates

    Bulwark, BWO watch keeping, LCCR watch keeping CRYPTO watchkeeping
    chief writers typist and did all the crossing the line certificates
    THEN Jimmys writer, where he cataloged the ships movements and day to day events I typed them up, and sent them to Whitehall,(One of my classic cockups due to ignorance is in Hansard to this day, I typed Rubber Pintels, should have been rudder pintels, we were having many problems with these at the time, placed in Hansard as Freudian slip) Many wardroom events to attend and Foreign office parties Far East
    Djakarta been the best, and a Rolex off the Sultan of Oman

    Gib Commcen two years watchkeeping TCR and Sub,Room radio op watchkeeping, then Chief Yeos admin assistant, for a year, ordering commcen supplies, and driving occifers around Gib

    Antrim, LHOW Wireless office and ships landrover driver, Driving the Captain around Rome, and all the other Med ports, lots of jollies

    RAF Edzell, RS of British Unit Unbeliveable jollies, and food

    and so it went on

    Now I really enjoyed it all at the time, but I worry myself to death, that although I believe I was good and the paperwork shows it, Why were they so keen to get me out of the way???? or was it a reward?

    I seriously reflect back on my good times then this doubt casts up and spoils it all
    (I must have been crap, or had sweaty feet or something)


    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  2. Probably because you were a fcukin yes man .

    Mind you never heard of an Comms rate gettin' a messmans job or was the comcen seriously overmanned

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. Being an erx-dabber, the only time we dipped in was when our POS PO or buffer was hanging out his hoop :rambo:
  4. A watchkeeping job I did!! We were two weeks on, three weeks off!
  5. Draft to JSSU(Cyrpus), working days - turn to 0700, secure 1300.
    Also my current job working in the OWOB in Whitehall.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Should the title of this thread read "ever shoved your tongue right in?" :lick: :bootyshake:
  7. If it was, I wouldn't have posted on it!
  8. I thought it was something of a 'get together' nature... ;)

    However, a Brown station card at sea, and a Blue one ashore - can't beat 'em :thumright:
  9. Erm, no to both. Haven't 'dipped out' either, though, just done my fair share.
    Agree with earlier comments, you must have been a real lick-arse...
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    WTF?? Being a Dabber was never a pre-requisite for dipping out; I had loads of excellent drafts... for proof check out my "Service Docs" on the 'other site'!

    I tend to find if you 'volunteer' for certain drafts, Drafty will usually 'return the favour' in due course. IF you don't ask, you don't get! :wink: :thumbright:
  11. No certainly not a lick arse, which is the reason for my original post

    I was once famous on the Fearless, in Bremerhaven, to return onboard
    at some ungodly hour, shout nein nein frauline then vomit and pish all over the officer of the watch :)
    I must have been dire for them to get rid soonest, when the comms was usually undermanned
    "Thus worried why"

    Would you like some tomatoes for the weekend chief, home grown in Leydene's own green houses, Half the price of the market and your missus will love you long time :)
  12. I can only agree. I volunteered to do drafty a favour a few years ago and did a 8 month stint at sea out of turn. My reward for this was a 6 month jolly.....In Basra o_O
  13. Oh I asked and never got!

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