Ever been mistaken for anyone famous?

Just wondered if anyone had ever been mistaken for someone famous and if so what did you do about it,deny it or play along
(I was once mistaken for Ross Kemp but managed to run away)


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When I had hair I was mistaken for early Ginga DI in the 'Bill', in NZ local mong is convinced I used to be a cop, as Local Government Officer have to smile and say "No, No I think you're thinking of.....", whilst wishing for use of SLR to reduce Invalid Beneficiaries (Bludgers) :twisted: .
In my late teens with long dark hair and heavy rimmed glasses (we are talking early 70s now!) I used to be told I looked like Nana Mouskouri, often by drunks on the last bus home. Obviously they didn't think I really was her because even Burnley pond life aren't quite so thick as to think that the world famous singer would be sat on a Burnley Colne & Nelson bus!!!


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As a Junior Naval Airman (1977), I wore thick black plastic glasses & the buffer called me, "Elvis" the Jimmy asked the buffer, why elvis? when he looks nothing like elvis presley. The buffer asked if he had ever heard of elvis costello, exit red faced jimmy.


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Yup, happens all the time: George Bleedin' Clooney. I'm forever having to beat the chicks off with a long stick covered in pooh, it really is tiresome.


John Holmes, quite a few times actually (with the girls before you all start going frickin mad with the keyboards!!) To stop it happening its strictly 'lights on' only now!
Mistaken twice for some bloke from the Bill, on one occasion some bitch even got uppity with me cos she thought I was lying!! Cheeky mare.
Once at a rugby 7's tournament got mistaken for Steve Austin (6 million dollar man) from the back, she soon forgot about that notion when I turned round and she got a propper deko at my boat race.


Lingyai said:
Mistaken twice for some bloke from the Bill, on one occasion some bitch even got uppity with me cos she thought I was lying!! Cheeky mare.
Nice to have you back Lingy .......

On hols last year I was mistaken for someone who stars in 'Lost' so I watched the program for the first time and did not recognise myself :roll: :wink:


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A 67 year old Brad Pitt! still 2 years younger than Robert Redford and the same age as Jack Nicklaus.
golf is just a bit under his handicap though.
Just try to live with it though!!


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I'm often mistaken in the street by charity workers who seem to think that I am someone who gives a fcuk
I was almost mistaken for someone famous (or maybe infamous). A complete stranger once asked me if "I didn't used to be somebody"... Certainly made my day.


jean claude van dame... (safeguard!) - well, they said i look like him. once in singapore, once in china and two other times.. (different people too!) lol...


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Unfortunately I still get mistaken for Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell)

A scottish bird came up to me on a flight from Gib and said "It's you isn't it "
to which I replied " It was me last time i looked "


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