Evening Times: "Glasgow Braces Itself For Naval Invasion"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Guess ill be steering clear of the city centre next weekend then, invasion of the yanks ! :lol:
  2. Not only yanks, Trig, matelots galore including the Royal Navy.
  3. "Scott Taylor, chief executive of the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, believes each sailor is likely to spend at least £125 every day he’s in the city and is confident it will be a memorable time for the “international mariners.â€"

    Which part of Glasgow are they in!! You only spend that much money if you loose your mates and get ripped of £50 to get a taxi back to Faslane after throwing up in the back as well.
  4. The article will give the local 'entrepreneurs' a heads up, to up their prices and rip them off.Charming. :brave:
  5. Hmmm, in that case I might make an appearance ;) !

    And 50 quid for a taxi to faslane is fecking cheap ! It costs me near on 30 to get one back home after a night out and I stay way more closer to the city centre than faslane is 8O
  6. Re: Evening Times: "Glasgow Braces Itself For Naval Invasion

    If the Yanks take extra shore-leave, I imagine London will be busy.
  7. Prebooked shippers, prebooked. didnt prebook the vomming up though. :)
  8. Ahhh fair enough. Aye, you never do. You think you're on the home run, sitting there nicely. Then wham, out it comes with the taxi driver hurling some explicits at you :lol:
  9. Wonder how many yanks will come out with the "Scottish American and proud" tshirts on. Bet they will need a brief on the local language as well!

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