Evening Standard: "Navy's Biggest Ship To Guard London Games"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. Oh I can see that working, loads of manoeuvring room in the Thames for even a medium sized carrier!!!!

    I take it it will be in MCT mode, loads of rotary wing! Ahh but wait - we have no FW do we - Doh!!!!!:frustrated:
  2. I wonder whether this will include the Paralympics. If it does, HMS OCEAN's ship's company will be committed from 27 Jul to 9 Sep. This would mean them sacrificing normal 'school holiday' Summer leave with their families for two years running but at least they should be entertaining:
    All I Want For Christmas - HMS OCEAN (Now nearly 2.5 million hits.)​
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  3. Right, so thats 13000 troops, HMS Ocean, battery of anti aircraft missiles and an assortment of "special services" total cost if its on budget of over £9billion.
    Is this the Olympics or a Libya conflict re-match?
  4. To make way for the carrier I presume!!!
  5. Don't think Ocean is bigger than Illustrious, Lusty is some 26ft longer and wider in the beam, though Ocean has a greater displacement. Come to that, we could of had a fully equipped carrier with Harriers if they had spent the 41million on keeping them instead of a closing the Olympics ceremony, after all what was wrong with "sunset" played by RM Band?
  6. Damn them they get London and we do Weymouth for the 72 days. We were supposed to London

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  7. I think you've got the better deal.... the novelty of London will soon wear off, especially after a week once your spends have run out.

    It's going to be very boring for them, doing a job that the now cut up 'Vince or empty Ark could do nearly as well!

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