Evening Standard: "Further Defence Cuts To Be Reviewed At Emergency Talks"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 18, 2011.

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  2. If Labour hadn't bankrupted us in the first place then we wouldn't be having to make cuts at all.
  3. Luckily we can still afford to give India £1 Billion in aid......
  4. So the bankers are blameless and you could not be more wrong if you think that I think that the sun shone out of New Labour's arse, they are all self-serving ideologically driven buffoons.

    Yes I did read the article.
  5. Labour used to last ten years of prosperity in exactly the same way any other government would, we're fortunate it was labour. No one complained when we had a profitable housing market and exponential growth in most areas of the economy. I despise both labour and the condems for different reasons, you can't think that labour if still in power would not cut the bollocks off the public service. its necessary and unfortunate if handled poorly.
  6. :evil3: Think you have forgotten about the American sub prime Mortgages market, Lehman Bro, and the greedy conservative banking heads of the RBS, HBOS ,Lloyds TSB, Northen Rock etc with their irresponsible lending
  7. That would be the India that has aircraft carriers and operational aircraft to put on them, the mind has gone beyond boggling.
  8. Bankers did what bankers have always done - try to make a profit. I agree they have made a lot, but this was done because of minimal intervention by the Government. Labour held the reigns when the bubble burst - probably an element of back luck in that I agree. However, their grand plan was to plunge the country into further debt by continuing to spend and sell a significant quantity of our gold reserves when the price was rockbottom.

    Whilst perhaps not 100% to blame, Labour are a lot more guilty than some would believe.
  9. We could just build the indian navy for them....oh wait.
  10. I have not forgotten that, nor will I forget all the non jobs in the public sector created by the last lot, mostly in their own constituenties that pushed public sector borrowing to an all time high. These non jobs will have to go, the present lot will be blamed for that.
  11. India defence spending ( with nuclear missile sub as well) was $32 billion in 2010
  12. Whichever party was responsible for the shite we're in now, they all share the blame. History will decide, but in the mean time 'we' suffer for those duly elected idiots and the decisions they make on our behalf.

    Spend some time on the shop floor and find out what reality is about. When politics spits them out thy will fall into some niche job as an advisor to start fugging up more decent folks lives.

    It's all gloom. We need to buy back all our industries from the foreigners and get Britain back on it's feet again.

    I'm done.
  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    The gist of the story is true - the MOD is utterly broke right now and its about to get hideous.

    My personal predicitions - gutting of the Navy (10 -14 escorts tops), further reductions in everything else and loss of Guz and BRNC. RAF will get similarly hammered.

    Army will remain relatively intact due to Afghanistan (and not to do with the fact that CDS's daughter works for Cameron ;-) )
  14. Would love to be a fly on the wall in the future when the morons in Govt realise they have gone a few cuts too far and a crisis arises that required an Armed Forces that cant cope with it.

    Though at the same time I'd hate to see such a day occur
  15. I imagine the RN will be stuffed even further compared to the Army and RAF. Stand by to lose almost everything that doesn't involve dealing with a rag-tag non-professional militia equipped with RPGs, AK-47s, IEDs and donkeys.

    As it is, our standing army of over 100,000 is 'stretched' to field fewer than 6,000 regulars capable of doing this in Afghanistan along with the 3,500 Naval Service, RAF and TA making up the balance of the 9,500 UK service personnel deployed in theatre. Our Royal Marines are a fifteenth the size of the Army but shoulder a fifth of the burden. 3 Cdo Brigade is about to deploy on Telic XIV for its third tour since Telic I and several Commandos have been deployed in between.

    Despite the cuts in pilot training, we will still retain RAF fixed wing air and ground crew whose maximum separated service allowed under the Harmony Guidelines is an average of 140 days per year vice 220 days per year for their FAA equivalents (RIP). If the 'unimagineable' happens and the Gulf, North Afican nations and Djibouti, etc., decide to kick us out, what price our remaining maritime capability to compensate for the loss of bases and airfields?
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Surely Labour is to blame for that? And the scrapped sell-off of the Forestry Commission, the increase in fuel-duty, the rise in inflation because of the fuel, the proposed increase in the base lending rate to offset inflation because of the fuel duty & the availability of further education put back into the exclusive realms of the better off.

    At least with the Tories the future of the Armed Forces & the defence of the nation and it's assets is enshrined under the secure mantle of the military covenant, eh? :salute:

    One does wonder how long the latest bunch of chimps can get away with blaming their predescessors whilst neglecting to remember that repaying illegally claimed expenses does not cease to make it a crime.
  17. Are you insane, poorly educated or just a bit of a halfwit?
  18. I'm sorry Monty do you not like me, or the comment. If its the comment then I was simply saying that Labour would make similar striking cuts to our military and civil service without prior thought, even though they have spent the last decade fluffing up and creating non-jobs.

    Is that not a fair comment?

    Also might I add that I do not wish any government to cut from the armed forces, they deserve a budget fitting of the most proffesional armed force in the world.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011
  19. I've no particular issue with you, it was just a chad statement.

    As for the above comment, are we? And that statement is based on what evidence? Your wealth of experience working with other nations?

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