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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Two ways of looking at this.

    One - if a Muslim preacher was to stand up and say that all Christians were the infidel, then many would push for his arrest ("his" as, given the context, it would be unlikely to be a "her").

    On the other hand, we are a Christian democracy and maybe it's time we stood up for that. These street preachers are everywhere and they're pretty harmless. If the story is as the Telegraph says, then the sins were spoken to an individual rather than shouted at the masses.
  2. Regrettably this looks like yet another example of a waste of scarce police time and resources - based on what was stated in the report. A modicum of "common dog" wouldn't go amiss at times like this.
  3. Now that, for once, the boot is ever so slightly on the other foot, and the pernicious rubbish religious zealots preach is not taken as gospel, they complain. That hardly seems Christian to me.
  4. You seem to have overlooked the fact that the PCSO involved has his own agenda.
  5. Exactly or to put it another way, a puff pcso.
  6. The preacher was correct, gays will burn in hell!!!!!
    Along with the Fornicators, drunkards, Blasphemer's and many other naughty boys and girls. :oops:
    Now I reckon that heaven will be empty but Hell will be pretty full, see you ALL there, it's party time, and if the devil objects Monty P will soon sort him out. :p
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    An "arrest" does not necessarily result in a "conviction", despite the rather emotive description of the preacher's incarceration. :oops: When more facts are known, I will politely ignore this Outrage Bus and wait for the next one, if you don't mind... :wink:
  8. Blimey, Hell is basically the Royal British Legion
  9. You've obviously been to the branch in Shoreham by Sea :lol: Or, as locally known Share 'em by Sea!
  10. Not at all, whether the original PCSO had his own agenda or not it is still a terrible waste of scarce police time and resources.

    3 regular police officers arrived and arrested him, took him away in a marked police vehicle and he was fingerprinted, palm printed, retina scanned and had his phone confiscated etc at the police station - presumably those officers were not on the same "agenda"

    One of the Plod grown-ups should have pinged the fact and taken appropriate action BEFORE all this nonsense was allowed to happen (IMHO)
  11. Well if this guy is indignant about what sounds like a regular arrest procedure he should do the proper thing according to what he believes 'turn the other cheek' and not whinge.
    I can't help feeling that there is a tad more to this than first meets the eye; which will all come out in the wash in time.
  12. So long as he is put up in front of a good Magistrate it could be an excellent opportunity to illustrate the ineptitude of the PCSO involved, and ultimately lead to a victory for common sense.
  13. Magistrates are guided by the legal eagles in front of them as to the finer points of law, common sense may not come into it.
    PCSOs do not have power of arrest, that would have been done by the 3 (Yes 3) regular police officers who attended.
    As I say, more will come out in the wash on this one.

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