Even MORE Brown gaffs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Gordon Brown has shown real disdain for service families when his latest letter arrived at Grenadier Guardsman Jamie Janes family home.

    The letter is filled with errors and mis-spellings and has upset the family as it is just a scrawl. The defence said "Gordon Brown would never knowlingly make spelling mistakes", so that means the man is illiterate as well as stupid.




    The man is so utterly disrespectfull it beggars belief, this all after he failed to bow at the cenotaph yesterday.
  2. His writing is worse than mine. Also the correct spelling is comfort, not "cumfort". I would expect better from a 5th or even a 4th former.
  3. One of the more surpising things with Gordon over the last 12 months is just how much control over the agenda of the day he has lost and how none of his schemes to get back on top of it have succeeded. This is from the man who had probably an even better control over the agenda than even T Blair.

    As for the letter, the real problem is not the spelling, almost as bad as my own, rather that the letter was clearly written in haste, it was a chore that had to be done in the minimum time possible, and there was not time for his staff to check it out before it was posted. Not the document of a man of compassion, but should that surprise us, this is from the man that has systematically reduced our forces to a mere sghadow of themselves yet still expects them to do his bidding.
  4. Fcuk me, this looks like my nephew's handwriting, he is 6.
  5. Surprised he didn't use a post-it
  6. I hesitated to add to this thread because I know what I write will probably not be the most popular viewpoint.

    My first reaction to this story on hearing it on the radio this morning was what the hell was his Sec doing letting a letter with obvious errors leave the Office.

    My second reaction was astonishment that he actually personally writes to each and every family of those killed - note handwritten - not some typed letter that's been staffed to extinction.

    On looking at the letter below - the sentiments are there - the handwriting is not good though legible and maybe symptomatic of someone who writes all day. Maybe his eye plays a part (one eye, which is seriously degraded). I worked with a colleague with a similar condition and he couldn't even write - had to do everything on the computer.

    I for one won't be boarding the outrage bus.

    And no, I'm not a Labour supporter.
  7. The man is almost blind and he continues to hand-write letters to the bereaved families?

    I won't be needing a seat on this particular bus either.

  9. Well bless him he's had to write quite a lot of similar letters this year in particular - lets get the feck out now so he doesn't have to scribe some other illiterate dribble to some more bereaved families.
  10. Agreed. He is a cnut but the sentiment was there I guess.

    Good job he doesn't post on here though - with spelling like that he'd get ripped up for ******** paper :)
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think his perfunctory nod at the Cenotaph was far more insulting. Perhaps I'm paranoid about Gordon Ceaucescu but I also thought his body language was sending out that he could't get away fast enough.
  12. Maybe we should all download "(Jilted John) Gordon is a moron" by Jilted John and get it back to No 1 in the charts. I'm up for a 79p I tunes download.
  13. I think both parties deserve our sympathy here. Mrs Janes who has lost her son and in her understandable grief and anger and with her judgement severely impaired, has lashed out at the PM for what she sees as an insult...... and also the PM for having what I'm quite sure is his honourable and well intentioned (but imperfect) letter of condolence turned into a media circus. The quicker this deeply sad matter is dropped by the press, the better for all concerned.
  14. Sorry ctf I withdrew my post as I though enough had been said regarding this poor man and his loved ones already. :oops: :oops: :oops:
  15. Just a thought, but if we're blaming this debacle on his sight then why have other families not voiced similar comments on receiving (presumably) similar letters?
  16. Have to say as I've given this some more thought the same had occurred to me, also (though I can't stand the [email protected]) how many other PM's (thinking of Maggie and Bliar) have taken the trouble to hand write letters to the bereaved.

  17. Gordon likes to claim he's nearly blind whenever he's in the deep dodo… 'don't pick on me, I'm blind you know…

    Oddly enough, our 'blind' PM seems to be able to go jogging though…

  18. I must admit that I do not see the blind as a bat as a real excuse, he has been claiming he has no problems with the working eye all summer.

    As I see it if you think handwritten is good then do it properly, not looking as if it was done whilst you were out jogging leaning on the back of your bodyguard. As I suggested earlier yet another attempt to spin himself into the good books fails.
  19. This has nothing at all to do with 'taking the trouble'. It has more to do with an advisor saying 'you should write or the press will pick up on it'.

    It's a chore and with no meaningful words of sentiment, just standard sentences that we all say at a death. One of the most oversaid but not with meaning things is 'if there is anything I can do, then call me'. Let her now call and ask for financial assistance and see what the reply is.

    Your breakfast is ready Gordie - 'ang on a sec I just got to scribble a note to some gullible munter.
  20. So the useless limp wristed jockaneese fcuk wallah is also a One eye. would not piss on his teeth if his mouth was on fire

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