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EU's Answer to Austerity, SPEND, Spend, Spend


”We have opted for investing in areas that contribute to economic growth and development: the EU budget is an anti-crisis package,” said a senior official. :laughing2::laughing2::laughing2:

Euro speak for ''line my pockets'', have they signed off the budget from previous years ?.

We, France and Germany do not stand a chance in the voting with all the minor members begging for dosh.


War Hero
The whole EU 'experiment' will implode just like the Soviet Union. Maybe not in my lifetime, but, one by one, sovereign states will break away and regain their independence, and people like Von Rumpey, Kinnock and Ashton will be villified, just like the old politburo, and we shall have our freedom back to make our own laws...grow curved cucumbers, buy proper light bulbs.........
'What's that nurse ?.... time to wake up..... it's medication time.....' Ah well ! :sad11:
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