Eurovision Song contest 2006

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. So the year 2006 has come round, which only means another round of Eurovision!

    Cyprus has an OK song this year, alot better than last years.

    Greece, with their ever lasting win from 2005, which is thankful towards Helena Paparizou, is about to embark on another winning by the looks of it! To be honest, with the entry they have going, Greece looks to become the new 2006 winner with the out standing Anna Vissi, who is a an everlasting superstar for the past 10years!

    Am I wrong in thinking big famous names were not allowed to enter?

    Last year's winner, Helena, had been an up and coming start from 2004.

    From what I hear, the UK's entry is not so good! I was a bit pee'd that Ireland were not in the running for the final in 2005 either :twisted:

    So, who willl be watching the good old Eurovision this year? I know I will be, or is that sad?
  2. If nothing better is on They are certain of at least one vote as usual with Greece voting for them and vice versa
  3. See J-D has gone native like Malifecent. No mention of a Turkish Cypriot entry then.

  4. Thats because they are Turkish and not greek/cypriot, duh :wink:
  5. Well isn't Cyprus made up of Greek Cypriots AND Turkish Cypriots? Or does it depend on who controls the TV on the island?
  6. Tell you what, come over to Cyprus, stand in Nicosia town centre and ask if they are Turks...............I'll be filming the outcome.

    No, doesn't depend who runs the airways. If your Turk/cyp and you live over the northern side, your a turk, plain and simple. Easier to explain, they come under the Turk flag and not the Cyp one.

    Its like calling a Mexican, an American or something.

    Edited to say: Have a look at this for more info here
  7. Ohhhh, right, Thanks!
  8. Its interesting to have a coffee in "Woolies (I think) the tallest building in Nicosia and look out over the Green Line into the Turkish sector - complete with the Turkish flag cut into the hillside. Wish I was there now, at least the weather would be warmer.
  9. 'Woollies' is not 'ermes', branched from Debenhams.

    The flag is still there and the Greek/Cypriots are still pee'd with it.

    As for the weather, its going from good to bad to good, 20c today but frigging humid. 19c yesterday and thunderstorms with lots of rain the weekend before.

    Any how, this is off subject...............

    Reckon the Nordics will enter their version of 'glam rock' bands again?
  10. The UK's entry this year is very 'tongue in cheek' I think, a 'rap' number by a slightly ageing DJ. It seems to send up Eurovision quite nicely, though, and is a bit of fun.

    I usually watch it, as I like that feeling of incredulity you get when the political voting is underway. And Yes, it IS sad. :wink:
  11. I don't think it's sad... in fact I'm rather a fan of the Eurovision - at least it doesn't pretend to take itself seriously like these 'reality' singing shows and celebs singing/dancing/making arses of themselves... the Eurovision is what it is and I for one would love to be in the audience, waving my flag and having a jolly good time!
  12. J-D

    No, doesn't depend who runs the airways. If your Greek/cyp and you live over the Southern side, your a Greek, plain and simple. Easier to explain, they come under the Greek flag and only pretend its the Cyp one.

    As I said gone native.

    How many Turkish Cypriots killed Brit servicemen, woman and children in the 50's. Major Turkish terrorist group called EOKKA I don't think so.

    How come all the Cypriots in North London Greek and Turk live and run businesses side by side with very little trouble????

  13. That is there, over here they spit knifes, well the ones I know lol

    Mind you it is all a bit dodgy, they get on when they want to.

    But depends on which way your blood runs.

    Mind you, it was the English who played the devils advocate in 74. But then again, the turks and cyps have different stories!


  14. Hang about, Nutty. Eokka was Greek and fronted by Archbishop Makarios
  15. Nick

    Go back to sleep with them bears up the trees. Read the words after EOKKA "I D'ONT THINK SO"

    That means the EOKKA terrorists that killed Brits were not Turk Cyp's so they must have been J-D's friends the Greek Cyp's.

    I would ask if all is well in Noosa but it appeasr senility is setting in

    Luv and hugs from Chrissie

  16. I would ask if all is well in Noosa but it appeasr senility is setting in

    Luv and hugs from Chrissie


    What else is new, Nutty. Just trying to blend in with the locals

    Luv & Hugs to Chrissie
  17. I think the real problem is that there are just a few Greeks who would like to re-create the Byzantine empire and are just a trifle miffed tha Ataturk pushed them back into the sea in 1922.

    Greek ultra nationalists would have and probably will do anything to ethnicly cleanse the Turks from Cyprus, hence the Turkish invasion.


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