Europe's Failing Reaction to Islam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. An excellent article from Sydney Morning Herald on how All (repeat) all of Europe is appeasing its Muslim population

    Appeasment SMH

  2. Once again Australia seems to be out of step with Europe. However Europe is certainly out of step with its indiginous population
  3. Thanks for posting that, Nutty. An interesting view from a different perspective.

    I can't see a direct parallel with the Fascists and Nazis. Clearly they won the day in Italy and Germany (and, by default, Austria) and I think it's the reaction of other Countries to the events that followed that attracts the appeasement label.

    The likes of Moseley rallying Fascist support in Britain was largely contained and he had relatively few followers. Consequently there was no need for concern about overthrow of the Government and the whole thing was a public order matter. Freedom of thought and speech was preserved throughout. Our embedded Muslims, on the other hand, are not that small a proportion and maybe we need to think in terms of what Italy and Germany should have been doing to contain matters. Even that isn't simple in the case of Germany because they had the horrors and depravations of the Treaty of Versailles to consider.

    Nevertheless, I think he's right about the Muslims being seen as a new Proletariat to be protected by socialism and liberalism. This, of course, takes us in to territory that's been covered in numerous other Threads. Certainly, Australia can't ignore this, having Indonesia and, arguably, Malaysia on its doorstep.
  4. On CBB face man said that while the white population had 1.3 children per family, the asian population was something like 3.4 children.
    A friend of mine recently visited Egypt & was given some literature stating that England would be the first Muslim European country by the next century.
    Thank whoever I won't be around to see it.
  5. The guy with the leaflet is a bit out of step, or he has a different map of europe. Europe, not counting Turkey or Azerbaidjan has a couple of muslim countries already in Albania and Bosnia.
  6. To be honest I think radical Islam will be a thing of the past in 15 to 20 years time, particularly in countries like the UK. Here already the imigrant birthrate is falling and once again in another 20 years it will be almost down to the current average.

    The big test for Europe will be to get over the next 5 years without rioting like the French had last year becoming more like a civil war. So far any such rioting has tended to be localised but last year in France it went national with a common cause, any more of that and if the scale grows and we are all in real trouble.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It is quite an interesting article, but notably and as usual Sheehan resorts to his right wing (I hate anything which even smells of liberalism) tact and as usual there is no evidence to back up his opinion, Sheehan is well known for his views, and is entitled to them, but his tendency to sensationalise everything in that PC but anti PC way he is famed for frankly is not journalism in the true sense of the word, he merely expresses his opinion, notably not as frankly as he has in the past. Passed Over Loggies' reply I think puts Sheehan's views into perspective.

  8. Just a couple of comments - firstly Mosley was considered enough of a threat to be interned during the war in HMP Holloway along with his wife (and I think their baby) and secondly I would describe many Muslims, at least the radical working class ones, as far from embeds - they unfortunately live in separated communities.

  9. Let's hope we don't get to the stage where these people are rioting in the streets on the scale seen in France, but if we do then maybe it will be time to go to the Chinese/Thai/Israeli school of crowd control, time to trim a little fat off the human rights bill.
    We can't allow the white UK to be overrun by this minority tribe, our history is bulit on a bulldog spirit which is being pissed on by the little fag blair. England is not a muslim country and we should be prepared to go zero tolerence with them to keep it that way. Sharia law works fine in the desert but not in our country. We welcome all races but it should not be at our own cost when they start trying to dictate to us.
    I had an altercation here last week with a couple of these feckers, walking around sukhumvit road with their ewok impersonators and tribe of fat little kids, one of them blatantly nudged my missus out of the way to get past (didn't see me at the ATM), anyway we had a "chat" about it and you could see the hatred in their eyes, like how dare you talk to me like that, I can do what I want, well anyway that jockey was left in no doubt that they don't rule the roost here and the difference is that no one here is going to accuse me or racism because this place hasn't become the pc haven that UK has.....yet.
    Rule Britannia, Britannia ruled the waves, Britain never ever ever should be slaves.
  10. Lingyai

    If only we were being overrun by Buddhists. My next preferred option would be Hindus!


    You are, of course right but Ozzie and family were only slammed into pokey after War had been declared. Interestingly, he was out again by the end of '43, if only to house arrest. Personal freedom is one of the first casualties of total war and it clearly wasn't desirable having Nazi sympathises providing aid to the Enemy from within. Our current costly tribal skirmishes don't qualify as total war and the nearest parallel is probably Abu Hamza. Fair enough, he was arrested, eventually, on the grounds of inciting racial hatred, I think.

    I don't really see how the Muslims amongst us don't qualify as "embedded". We don't have Apartheid and the fact that they have formed ghettos does not mean they aren't living amongst us and free to do as they please; notwithstanding racial hatred. We do need to think very closely about any threat to our own British way of life they represent. Digressing slightly, that reminds me of Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech: "Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilisation. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire". OK, leave aside Empire, preserving "our own British life" was one of the things men (and women) sacrificed their lives for.

    Reacquiring original Thread; not "appeasing" elements of your own population is not that easy. It's called freedom and democracy; and in recent times, human rights. In my, admittedly, simple mind, we have but 3 basic choices:

    a. do nothing and let matters take their course. Those who don't like it can sod off to somewhere else and we can build more prisons to contain those who don't like it and won't sod off.

    b. reason with and educate our respective cultures towards mutual understanding. Democracy and human rights legislation will ensure a peaceful integration and the multi ethnic dream will become reality. Some may call that appeasement.

    c. repeal or reduce significant parts of our human rights laws to allow the indigenous population to retake control over the destiny of their Country. Stop the multi ethnic experiment and insist that we all do things and present things our way. That includes animal welfare, the rights of women and, let's go for it, dress codes. Those who just want to get on with their lives can slip quietly into the background and accept that although they may no longer qualify as guests, their retained culture still does. That doesn't seem like appeasement, does it?

    Of course we've already painted ourselves into a corner and all 3 of the options would end in tears. I'd just prefer it if they weren't those of me and mine.

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