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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Old_Hand, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. I have been reading a lot of articles recently from certain political parties regarding whether or not we would be better off pulling out of membership of the EU. I was just wondering what RR members think about it.
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    To fan the flames further... how about an alternative proposal that England should declare independence from the other Home Nations and pull out of the EU? :twisted:
  3. Brilliant idea , I'd leave the EU tomorrow , 12th year in a row that the AUDITORS have refused to tick the box and pass the EU finances , & guess who used to be in charge of that [LORD bloody Kinnock] , he then comes back & gets a Lordship as a reward , could'nt make it up , :twisted: :twisted:
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Some "interesting" viewpoints here on the Torygraph discussion of English parliament and EU departure
  5. Get out NOW and use the money for the NHS and MOD!Oh and expand the Customs and Excise!
  6. Can I suggest that everyone joins the UKIP , brilliant leader in Nigel Farage ,
  7. Dondon wrote,
    Just done that :lol:
    France and Germany are doing by stealth, what they have never been able to do by force, subjugate Britain!
    Lets get TFO,now.
  8. Now if i were to suggest joining the BNP......................................

    (taking cover)
  9. I think we should apply to join the Nordic Council. I want to grow my hair long and wear a horny helmet (note: not horned).
  10. Agree there m8. Perhaps then English taxes could be used to pay for English services - instead of subsidising cheap prescriptions and university fees for the welsh, better NHS care for the Scottish and to pay for them to have their own bloomin national assemblies while they still have a say in Parliament!!

    (And I'm of Welsh descent so this isn't a anti-non-english rant))
  11. The EU is not the Common Market that Grocer Heath tricked the majority of those who voted into giving him the go-ahead for. There will be those who feel that EU membership is positive for the UK and bully for them. I don't. The happiest people at the UK being a member are the bankrupt nations who get the money that our government puts in. As the nett contributors are so few, that makes almost every other nation that's involved!
  12. Ditto there mate , pisses me off no end , costing us millions everyday , I hate these corrupt politicos , parasites , there is so much fxxxxxxxxxxg apathy in this country , everyeone is just resigned to it , well I'm not , I'll say it again join UKIP , it's the only way we are going to get out , might take awhile , but I'm in for the long haul , :twisted:
  13. I am now in Singapore and thinking it's time to take it back as well, and honky fid, bring back the empire
  14. Fully agree

    I have UKIP bookmarked as one of my favourites and have already voted for them on one previous occasion, before that pillock Kilroy tried to take over. Unfortunately I live in a Labour heartland so I'm not sure they will put up a candidate here, if they do he/she will definately get my vote. In the natural course of things I would have voted Tory but Cameron is no different to Bliar IMHO, he's just Blue Labour. As for an independent England, here's the link another one in my favourites list.
  15. UK should most certainly get out of the EU for many reasons and should never have sold its sovereignty. Another issue of a similar nature , get out of the so called Commonwealth too, another source of problems involving the massive movement of people and disasterous result. I think the union between England, Scotland and Wales is a good idea for many reasons although I reckon a break with NI would be a good move so the people of Ireland could become united again and resolve the trouble they seem to have in their present state,

  16. Likewise Jimmy-Green, I've always been a strong Tory voter, But Cameron isn't a Tory anymore than Biar is a Socialist. He now leads aparty that i don't recognise.
    UKIP for me.
  17. I don't really think it matters. If we left the EU, NATO and everything else, economically, socially and whatever else-ally, we'd still be in teh same position as we are now.
  18. As a resident of a EC Member state, Spain, I would like UK to remain in the EC. What the UK needs to do is learn how to use the system as most other countries do and stop obeying every single little law with jobs worths going around crossing the T's and doting the I's. It will not happen cos you are still stuck in the form a orderly line syndrome.

    In Spain all laws that do not suit the needs or attitudes of the Spanish people are not enforced or any notice taken of them, health and saftey in UK is a joke, plastic cones gone mad. Within 10 miles of my house are three major motorway constructions going on. The traffic always flows, there are no traffic lights even where construction crosses over existing roads still in use, and I doubt in every 10 miles of construction you will find more that 100 cones. Every junction of road and construction is controlled by 4 men who stop at lunch time and go home at 6 pm when work stops.

    Don't leave, just change your attitude to the enforcement of the rules. Use them that suit only.


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