Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Does this mean that the term Raghead is OK?'t-say-'Muslims'
  2. Bloody hell - if we're aiming for equality then the term "Christian" should also be taboo. This type of crap really pisses me off. Why do we pay these clowns to come up with such ideas?
  3. It's not a rag, it's a sheet.

    Please call them Sheetheads.
  4. It's all a load of Shiite!
  5. Calm down dear, calm down, after all it was only the Express. After all it is not actually all of islam that is against us just a very small minority, particularly in the UK, where it would appear they are rapidly running out of properly trained operatives if last weeks bother is anything to go by.
  6. Agree with you Maxi that it is a very small minority of the Islamic faith that are carrying out acts of terrorism. However they are carrying these acts out in the name of Islam and as such are Muslims. The EU should recognise this and not try to cover it up. Many Muslims are supporting the authorities with information that leads to arrests. however many more are leading blinkered lives and still believe that another Muslim should not be given up to an Infidel justice system.
  7. Well, we'd better do as we're told now that European Parliament thing is in charge of us.
    Thank you TB, what an epitaph you have waiting for you.
  8. Whilst the terrorists are claiming they act in the name of islam, perhaps if we supported the moderates who claim that you cannot be a muslim and carry out such acts we will start to make inroads into the task of separating out the real threats from the community. If I was a muslim I would not be over happy with the terrorists being called Islamic Terrorists, because I would feel that the term could be taken as inplying that the terrorists were acting on my behalf and in support of my religion despite the fact they were acting in contravention of the Koran. Equally such terminology helps the recruiters when they clain unless you take up arms you are not being a 'true muslim'. We do need to get as any of these people on our side and help them help us.
  9. Erm, but they ARE islamic terrorists.
    Just once, lets call a spade a spade.
    Its not US that are giving Muslems a bad name, after all, its the MUSLIM terrorists doing that. AND, if we are calling a spade a spade here, lets face it, the so-called "moderate" islamic community that do NOTHING to weed out the extremists in their midst are just as much to blame for getting a bad name for their religion.
    It is them that should be asking themselves what they can do to fit in to OUR way of life, OUR communities, not the other way round. And a good start would be for these so-called moderates to stand up and be counted!!
  10. OK so you want total war with the islamic community in this country, because that is what you will get following your path.
  11. I think Maxi that the main Islamic community would not get into a Christian Islamic total war situation, after all they are only 5% of the population.
    They do however seem to be seeing the light and co-operating more with the authorities, however unless we weed out the fundamentalist clerics they will continue to recruit from among the young British born disillusioned Muslims. These kids though they are seconfd and third generation still in many cases do not consider themselves to be British.
  12. I take it that you are happy with things as they are then. :roll:
  13. Firstly I think the muslim community is in reality helping far more than they are given credit for, how are the security services getting much of their info from, how do they know hwo to watch, secondly certainly up here the mosques are activly 'moving on' and radical recruiters or preachers that come here (Just as the white population gives the bumbs rush to the BNP as well), and their leaders when given the chance are in general coming out and saying that not only are terror attacks wrong they are un islamic too, over the past days I have heard several muslims representives say the bombers could not be true muslim because such attacks are not permitted to muslims.
  14. Certainly not, I think we need to do mare to help the general muslim community help us, and we will not achieve that by suggesting that any muslim is a potential terrorist, and even more we will not do very well if we assume there terrorists are only people who look muslim. after all I am not from either the middle east or India but in India, with a bit of a sun tan, I have been mistaken for a local. Equally I have seen arabs and indians that could easily pass as europeans. This terror is drive by a philosophy, not race we must not fall into the trap being set for us or we will find the next lot are actually Europeans.
  15. Being Muslim has nothing to do with Race. It is the religious equivalent of communism.
    As I said, it is the moslem community that need to be doing more, NOT us pandering to them, THEY are the ones that can but WON'T weed out the extremists amongst their own communities. THEY are the ones that should be ashamed of themselves.
  16. Just a thought...
    how many Irish were offended when the term 'Irish terrorist' was used? How many, do you think, were convinced that terrorism was the route to follow because of a 'label'?
    Get fucking real. They are terrorists; it doesn't matter how they are labelled if, by doing so, the ability to more easily identify suspects is enhanced. How many of the terrorists arrested recently were not muslim / asian-looking / 'stereo-typical' Islamic fundamentalists? None were young ginger-haired lassies, were they???!!!
  17. You want their help but are not prepared to lift one finger to help them, it is not about pandering it is about being realistic and acting like a decent human being. Burning out some Pakistani corner shop is not going to achieve what both we and they want, but that is how some one yesterday thought they would eal with the situation. Now if our community handed the prats that did it in that would be a really positive step. You may call it pandering, I call it being a good citizen.
  18. When did I say that I wanted their help Maxi? Where? Can you show me please?
    I said that they should stand up and be counted.
    I said that it is up to them to root out the extremists living amongst them.
    They are actively harbouring terrorists IN THIS COUNTRY by their inaction.
    Happy with that then are you?

    Edited because I wrote something I regretted, sorry.
  19. You want them to get rid of terrorists hiding in their midst, is that not help. I would actually dispute with your suggestion that the muslim community as a whole is actively harbouring terrorists, and I would disagree with your suggestion that the general muslim community is innactive in this field. Of course the xenophobes amongst us will tell you so and our media is not that good about bothering to find out what is actually happening, but I have seen both before last weekend and after stories of how their leaders are very actively both trying to draw the young away from extremism and refusing to give extremists a platform within their communities. I am convinced that if you simply stand there and say their problem for them to sort out then you are as effectively as some of the radical preachers recruiting for OBL.
  20. Race/Creed/Colour doesnt matter, terrorist is a terrorist for what ever reason they choose today. The big problem here is that a number of British born 2nd/3rd Generation people whos ancestors were born in other countries and migrated here are now unhappy and in the name of their religion they are trying to kill/maim others.

    Has anyone asked what they are disaffected with ?
    Their parents came here to escape oppression/better way of life / other and yet the next generation (who still say they are Pakistani Muslim or Iraqi Muslim etc) are now not happy with their way of life in Britain.

    Simple, if we cant call them Muslims, what do we call them - Paki? Iraqi? they claim not to be British so they cant be called British and I would also suggest their Brisith Passports be taken from them and they be returned to the Country they align themselves with....

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