Europe? Id rather be skint.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by angry_mac, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Well done DC, country stands alone against German bullying, and yet again French sovereignty turns over takes it up the glitter from Hans, just like '41. Someone has got to stop the slow German economic annexation of Europe. Italy and Greece ruled by non elected technocrats appointed from Berlin, and it will continue.
    A bit deep for Saturday morning, I know.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    DC just saved himself the humiliation of a referendum.

    Once the UK stops pouring money into the cesspit that is the EU then fine, pat the man on the back.
  3. Don't know what you're worried about; he who pays the piper etc.

    We'll all be speaking Chinese within 50 years - it's the way of the world. Ever stopped to think why English is currently the de facto world language?
  4. If I'd had the chance i would have laid back the ears of that sneering EU official who said that the UK was now alone.
    Well we have been alone before and we saved your sorry surrendering arses and we can do it again.
    Any threats?see how the French darling Airbus flies with no RR engines or wings built here.
    Losses to the UK jobs?well Rolls Royce has a major order for the new USA Dreamliner plane and any others we can set up factories to sell to the world with the 50 million quid a day we pay into this whole rotten,fraudulent system.
    For years I've refused to buy fruit or whatever if it came from France,now it's time for everyone in the country to buy from UK Farmers and UK goods.
    You'll never have a better opportunity to say goodbye to these unelected wimps and lets run our trade with China/India etc.
    Does anyone really think they will stop sending French fruit,Spanish veg and Danish bacon if we were out?not a chance.
    Well done Cameron and I was about to not vote for him again heading for the UKIP vote but we'll see.
    PS What pair the Laurel and Hardy look a likes are[Merkal and Sarkozy] who wants to be ordered about by those specimens?
    The French pygmy doesn't realise that he's next to be swallowed up by the German bulldozer of industry.
    We are better off they way we are.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think this is all interesting. I suspect he went there with no intention of signing anything more as a purely political act than something on behalf of UK pocket, but this could have real implications, we're close to some major deals on UK/FR cooperation which support SDSR cuts, if these deals fall through he needs to find a lot of money quickly and then in a political sense we'd moved closer to Germany in many ways now they have to battle France alone. The old adage you need a seat at the table to eat may come true in the long term, we have lost real influence.
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  6. Places like Norway & Switzerland aren't exactly screwed, and they're not members of the EU. I'm not saying the UK is in a similar position as them, or would be if we left, but it's not impossible to stay out and keep a strong economy. The main problem Cameron may be in is if the UK contributes to bail-out funds, with markedly lesser influence. That is unlikely to happen, but it is a scenario to be avoided.

    I found this quote in my quick skim of the news this morning:
    Terry Smith, CEO of City broking firm Tullets "The UK is as isolated as somebody who refused to join the Titanic just before it sailed"
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  7. Two sides to this coin, the flip side being that Cameron stood up to protect himself from the powerful euro sceptics within the Tory party.
  8. Norway is incredibly oil rich, it has saved rather than spent and it has a small population, you cannot compare it like for like with us.
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  9. So a tax on all share trades across the EU region of influence was going to be fair tax then? What with 80% of trades taking place in London? I don't think that would be fair at all.

    Well done DC and his paymasters .. you know the ones that are involved in financial trades ... oh wait .. I've just noticed something ... do you think ... no, surely not ...
  10. As bad as the financial sector is, it's crucial to the economy and I'm not aware of any viable alternatives.

    It can appear like Germany and France are milking the other countries of the EU for their own gain.
  11. It's amazing how countries survived before the EU plan was devised and implemented. /sarcasm ... sorry.

    I see\hear that the BBC Radio 4 did an interview with a Dutch Doctor Hertz Van Rental who is involved with sleep. The interviewer was investigating the thought of should such decisions be made so late at night when people should be in bed asleep.... reading betwen the lines of ... did DC make the correct decision because his sleep addled brain wasn't working properly?

    No one should be under any illusion that what the BBC are concerned about is their funding from the EU. Yup, it isn't "just" the licence fee that they take off you which funds them, some of that £50m a day to the EU goes their way too.
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  12. That's like saying, "how did we survive before electricity". The world has changed.
  13. Am happy for change, but change for changes sake? Not me. Had a nice little disagreement with the lovely staff whilst on POLC over that.

    I would dearly like the £50m a day to return to Blighty's shores and for the UK to stand on it's own two feet. However, with far too many snouts in troughs one fears that this won't happen.

    Ah well, back to the ironing ... <grumble>
  14. And 35% of that tax take was going straight to the EU. If (I`ll Do The Talking) Dave had signed up for that it`d be effectively financial union. The Euro has died, we`re just waiting for it to stop kicking, and while we`re waiting we shouldn`t be throwing more money at it.
  15. Some people are on the 'bitch'......they think it's all is now !
  16. I'm pretty sure that about a month ago, the German Financial Times put their price in marks as well as euros, maybe they've seen the writing on the wall, so to speak?
  17. Fridays Have I Got News For You was stating that the Bundesbank was printing Marks, just in case...
  18. Working in the offshore finance world here, mah waffe (Jersey accent) attends various financial briefings and this subject was discussed at one of them a couple of months ago. It's hedge yer bets time.
  19. Are you telling us you're privet to inside information?

    Getting my coat now
  20. From what I can tell from the various rent-a gobs being paraded in front of the cameras this scenario still has some time to run and it will be a while before whether we know if Cameron has played a blinder or cocked up bigtime.Either side of the argument would do well to hold their counsel until that time.
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