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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. I see Europe has launched it's own version of the GPS system so we won't be reliant on the Yank system which is a good thing but;
    it was launched from a Soviet rocket!what has happened to the French led European rocket system based in S.America?
    I seem to remember it had a few problems but I've never heard of it for a while.
    It was the French baby but I think we and a good few others poured money into it,is it still functioning?
    I would Google it if I could remember the name.
    Why didn't it blast the GPS system into orbit,not reliable enough?
  2. BBC News - Europe's first Galileo satellites lift off
    No explaination on why they used a Soyuz to put it up into orbit, but I suspect it has more reliability than the French rockets. The project is already way over budget and a decade behind its schedule. Meanwhile a German spacecraft V2 varient is due to re-enter the atmosphere on Sunday.At least now if the satnav lets me down I can honestly blame the French. (every cloud has its silver lining) :-D
  3. Thanks Mate,I never knew about the German V2 hope it doesn't land on London!
  4. Ariane....
  5. Why is it a good thing ?
    The GPS system is up there doing a grand job for free, syndicated to who-ever wants to use it such as TomTom, etc.
    The EU have come along and decided that the United States of Europe can compete with the United States of America. So for no other good reason have decided to blast a load of satellites into space, to do a job that is already being done.

    Who do you think will pay ? We will.
    How will we pay ? Its the first step on the road to toll charges. All number plates will be fitted with a chip, and your driving details will be monitored and billed. That was published around a decade ago, in the small print.

    Still think its a good idea ?
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  6. Thanks. Trust the French to come up with that name!what would we have called it? Sebastian,Rupert maybe!
  7. To be fair, the Galileo system will be much more precise than GPS (essential for many of the latest technical applications), free for the public user and have certain other benefits, especially for the continent of Europe:
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  8. Relax - It missed London, SF:

    <<...The Roentgen Satellite (Rosat) re-entered the Earth's atmosphere between 01:45 and 02:15 GMT.

    Just as for Nasa's UARS satellite, which plunged into the atmosphere in September, there was high uncertainty about the final moments of Rosat.

    But if the timings are correct, any wreckage would probably have dived into the Indian Ocean - although no eyewitness reports have yet come in.

    If anything did manage to make landfall, the likely areas to be affected would have been Myanmar and China...>>

    BBC News - German Rosat spacecraft makes uncontrolled re-entry
  9. Ariane? Titter ye not!

    Why, 'tis just the French version of Ariadne and remember, we had the Leander HMS ARIADNE until 1992 (sold to Chile).

    BTW, we also had an HMS RUPERT (Battleship, broken up 1907)

    and even an HMS 'BASTION :wink: at Suez in 1956 Mark 8 Landing Craft Tank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Titter ye not? Still hard to beat HMS Gay Bruiser, and HMS Gay Fencer,I reckon.:slow:
  11. What about HMS Marigold? An absolute treat for rubber fetishists everywhere
  12. How about HMS Snapper and HMS Starfish for those who like manlove.
  13. ===================================================================


    Turning towards the original track let's not forget HMS ROCKET: Eight of 'em, the last one a Type 15, sold for scrap in 1967.

    ...then there were those brave souls who were encouraged to slap in for the Polaris Rocket Pilots Course.:slow:
  14. Wandering back on track, I watched a news item on this rocket launching. One of the reasons as to why the Soyuz rocket was used was due to its simple design and thus cheap to use.

    So more eventual profit to "them" when you have to start paying a fortune to use it.
  15. I wouldn't mind betting the Ruskies photgraphed every bit of the Euro GPS system before it fired off!if they didn't have it already.
    Maybe a certain ****** of an MP didn't notice his lover photographing documents over his shoulder as he heaved and strained in love!!!
    I think his job is toast come the next election unless he stands for the Raving Loony Party!
  16. The Soyoz rocket is being used untill the Itallian launch system "Vega" comes in in a couple of years time(We too could have a launch systen and humungus National Dept to go with it if we like). Ariane is too big and nothing going in the right orbit to piggy back.

    Its being launched in Guyana to prevent the Russians having access to the interesting bits.
  17. No need to photograph over his shoulder, just read,shes got a photographic memory
  18. I thought that Guyana was used due to its physical location? i.e. close to the equator so the rocket gets a bigger sling shot effect and thus can carry a bigger pay load.

    I could be talking bollox of course and if so I'll just blame the TV news story :)
  19. The near-equatorial launch location provides an advantage for launches to low-inclination (or geostationary) Earth orbits compared to launches from spaceports at higher latitude. For example, the eastward boost provided by the Earth's rotation is about 463 m/s (1,035 miles per hour) at the Guiana Space Centre versus about 406 m/s (908 miles per hour) at the United States east coast Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center spaceports which are at 28°27′N latitude in Florida.[4]

    So it has a 120 mph less speed to aquire to get in to orbit from Guiana
  20. Sorry shippers, I read it as 1035 - 908 equating to 133 miles an hour faster at Guiana. Again, I could be wrong, I'm tired, v tired, waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can put the Strimmers bedding in the wash as he has just puked after having a coughing fit. Doctor' for you me laddo.

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