Euro 2008

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by lsadirty, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Finally watched a decent game of football at last. Thought the Dutch were sheer CLASS, although I can commend the Ities for their contribution. First goal was offside by at least 2 yards, but the second was genius. After the dismal fare served up over the last couple of days, let's hope that from now on, it continues from tonight. (Even missed the LUSTY programme to watch the end).
  2. The goal was onside, the Italian player which decided to flop around behind the line was considered in play by the ref, well called game.

    I'm pulling for the Dutch to go against the Germans, that will be a good final...
  3. It's football and, therefore, not important.

    "Euro 2008. Who will you support?"
    "Fcukin' no one. Now p1ss off".
  4. I always wanted the dutch to win the Euro, but didnt really think they would be serious contenders (always seemed to be another bunch of under achievers of late!) but after watching them last night they've been the best team by miles. The France game was possibly one of the most boring games i've ever watched!
    As far as the first goal goes, i thought it was offside, but i didnt see any other player behind the line so....
    Im all for a Dutch Germany Final!
  5. I'm witht he engineer on this one. Bloody waste of time and good money if you ask me. Talented? Perhaps but definitely overpaid and consequently overpriced.

  6. No-one's forcing you egg chasing chumps to watch it. If you don't like it watch a gardening documentary.

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