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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Bonjour, Bom Dia & Guten Tag !!

    My fellow 'Europeans' .... Welcome to the United States of Europe (to be)

    We have now been officially sold down the river by a PM, very willingly assisted by a Foreign Minister who both signed the 'amended' (ahem *cough cough*) treaty for the New EU .

    We now have to pay for an extra layer of pollies, and their hangers on ( and no doubt we will be 'encouraged' to pay more taxes for these people to enjoy their golden salaries and pensions from the publicly funded trough), and who will stoop to do anything and everything in their power to destroy what is left of this Union.

    Respect for the people of our countries, our nationalities, our culture, our wishes, is obviously not of any concern to the Nu Liebour dictatorship.

    Does the punishment for treason still exist ?


    Perhaps on second thoughts this should have been better placed in Lil's ?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Lil's defo.....

    If only uncle Adolf could see this moment, he'd of been proud. the whole of Europe conquered buy the pen not the sword.

    When does the new resistance movement begin?
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    In 2025 or whenever the first new carrier eventually commissions, a posse of signalmen from the different regions of the Union will solemnly raise the gold star flag to the strains of 'Strength through Joy' (sorry, Ode to Joy), witnessed by the EU's first President, Tony Bliar. One of the two T45s, EUS Brandt (the other, EUS Schumann, will be in refit) standing off will fire a salute and the EU Schiff 'Monnet' will commence her career, as a helicopter carrier.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  5. Yes, I notice the Dear Leader was so convinced of the merit of this non treaty he decided to sign it afterwards without the gaze of the press and TV
  6. Blobs wrote
    Whenever, put my name down for it Blobs.
    Treacherous, treasonous, bastards!
  7. Goodbye England as I was brought up to believe that THIS was the place to be brought up in - GOODBYE ENGLAND, hello Europe ? Over my dead body.
  8. As that recent song was named;

    I Predict a Riot!

    Also expect the numbers whoe emmigrate from our country to increase even more.
  9. Oh if only I could, too old and no trade to offer
    However I am willing to sell my home, to allow my grown children to go and get a life with the free

    As of 01-12-2007 our new workforce can now claim not only working tax for themselves of £69pw, they can now claim child tax for the children left behind at £34pw each in addition to child benefit of £18pw and family element of £10pw
    So an A8 National earning £55k a year can get an additional top up free gratis of £186 tax free per week plus Housing benefit and council tax reduction, health exemption cert for free prescriptions, sight, and dental treatment, wigs ,and artificial apparatus

    Get out if you can folks because it is you and I that are paying it, and exactly what may you get, SFA that is what SFA

    I have never been racist, and have always given what I can but not at the expense or raping my own Mother
    This Government is about to reap what it has sown

    I have not long left in this world, but I dispair at what I have left for my Grandchildren to put up with and how they will survive in a coffee coloured European Island full of free loaders

    I had a "customer" today, could not speak the English, but could ask in perfect English for the free interpretor (whom we pay £75ph for) also the call is on our bill not his
    His English was good enough to have read the forms and made the claim then ask for his interpretor
    His complaint was that he had been in the country three weeks and we had only paid him £4736 pounds when it should have been £4742, so his maths was pretty good, then he got the postmistress to read out thirteen fifteen figure serial numbers of the cheques he had cashed thismorning totaling £4736 and was £6 short when advised the £6 cheque was to arrive tomorrow forgot the interpretor and became aggresive and shouting in Good English what he thought of me
    His wife and two children are in Slovakia, he got £4736 and a cheque for £6 I got disiplined for spending 35 mins on the phone when we are only allowed four

    So my A8 Friends Foxtrot Oscar the sooner the better we are rid of you all
    Gordon forever YEAH RIGHT

    Rant over but this is a several times a day occurance and in the past week this has now moved from 2% to 48% Slovak and Latvian been the most abusive The Poles do it silently, steal by stealth Unlike the Polish heroes that fought during WWII
    Though in reality the were not so much helping us as to get back what they had lost,
    However those that stayed behind are honourable and trustworth IMHO
  10. The Loire Valley is splendid at this time of the year, lots of cheese and wine.

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