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EU Referendum / Brexit & Fallout

EU Referendum 2016. Do you want to stay in, or get out?

  • Stay in the EU.

    Votes: 54 24.8%
  • Get out of the EU.

    Votes: 147 67.4%
  • Don't know

    Votes: 17 7.8%

  • Total voters


War Hero
Well if Boris left the loophole open what did they expect - it’s just crazy that on 31st Dec you have whatever you want in your sarnies but a day later it’s suddenly all poisonous. Crap negotiating as far as I can see and you can bet we won’t reciprocate cos we won’t have put that in the agreement
Totally agree. They had the better part of 12 months to negotiate what truckers put in their sarnies and completely overlooked it. Disgraceful!


Lantern Swinger
I have no problem with the EU jackboots kicking off.

wot about Tulips, they have feeling you know.
I had a parcel sent to me from Holland....

I opened it and inside was a plastic vagina !

I thought how lovely, someone has sent me two lips from Amsterdam


War Hero
The EU is obviously going to play the petulant schoolgirl for a while, various borders and customs officials being awkward just because they can. Simple remedy? Send them the message,' two can play at that game' and give their countrymen a taste of the same medicine.
I agree 100% with you. Sadly there is no one in the UK with the balls to stand up and make that decision.


War Hero
That's very true SB. Probably why all the refugees want to come here, soft touch Britain.
or we have more than our fare share of the entitled and tree huggers who kick of every time someone says no, because they can and nobody seems to want to stop them.

Biker Buster

Lantern Swinger
I have no problem with the EU jackboots kicking off.
Remember import export is a two way street.
The Dutch supply the UK with a lot of cheese and pork products.
I believe that we import more from the cloggies than we export to them.
Revenge is a dish best eaten cold :)
Insignificant little cuntries (yes, it is spelt correctly ) shaking their insignificant fists because they have some big boys behind them.
Not for long, though, not for long.
When it all goes tits up who will be sniggering then?
We are but the first bolt to pop on this cumbersome un-navigable vessel.

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