EU NAVFOR Op Atalanta

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hardhat, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Are we(R.N.R) involved with this Op or is our Anti-piracy covered by Op Herrick deployments?

    And if so is the medal sanctioned for wear like the Op Althea one?

    Just out of curiosity, if anyone knows :?:

  2. Not authorised to wear.

  3. Depends what you're doing, and where you're doing it. Also what branch you're in.
  4. C.I.S, on an R.F.A, most likely off the horn of Africa.

    I'm just interested that if I go, which Op is it covered by.
  5. The final closure date for the medals hasn't been announced yet as there are still training teams and assets in the area, including the RNR Force Protection teams on the RFAs..

    If you want a shiny coin, head over to the NAG and get yourself onto one of the RFAs there. Just don't brag about how you got it, like so many others who never even set foot on Iraqi soil.
  6. ICF,

    If they would deploy me as an AB2 I'd volunteer for the NAG. I am asking the question because to be honest, if I have to leave the wife and kids at home for half a year or more I'd want to at least have something to show for it, albeit not in a walty "heres how I brought about the downfall of the Ba'athist regime". And the reality as you know is that deployment will come sooner rather thatn later.
  7. you can volunteer for the "nag" till your ccok turns blue- doesn't mean you will go there. set your sights on the MISH in the "dubs", you may get there. no gong though. :wink:
  8. Nobody will deploy you as an AB2, as you're not on trained strength. As far as wanting something to show for being away from your family for so long - take a camera with you.
  9. :rofl:

    "Dear Diary. Today, my ccok turned"
  10. The book states that AB2s can not be Deployed, however, in certain circumstances, they can be mobilised, and then the PJTs can bring them up to trained strength. Not the most preferred Cours Of Action, but one that is used in certain circumstances.
    Hope that helps
  11. There is so much wrong with that sentence it's unreal. Leave. Asap.
  12. Surely after being away from the wife and kids for a year, you'd want a medal for going back??
  13. From someone who has been there....

    Op Atalanta is a stand-alone anti-piracy op; and is nothing to do with Herrick or Telic.

    There is a medal, issued by the EU (unsurprisingly). If you Google for "Operation Atalanta Medal" you might see this (un)fine example of the minting industry's produce.

    The RNR are involved, afloat and ashore.

  14. And not authorised for wear, in uniform, whilst you are in the RN/RNR. Do so and you risk being charged. What you do after you leave is up to you....
  15. Alfred,

    Did I mention actually wearing it? I think NOT, on so many levels!!!

  16. Amazingly, I was on parade on Friday, and someone was wearing that medal. It looked Gash, harry von turbo-gash (eyebrows!)....
  17. Oooh - That's not good! (And very Walty indeed!)

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