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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by EarlyChop, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Hague is quite right, even a national referendum wouldn't have any material effect on our membership of the EU; however what it would do is to make it ultra-clear to not only Cameron and co, but to the entire eurozone, that the UK is fundamentally opposed to remaining in the EU.
    In politcal terms, that would be disastrous for all the parliamentary prima donnas who have steadfastly refused to admit that the EU is a dead donkey whose only real beneficiary is la belle France.
    Up to now they've been able to confuse the issues and lay smokescreens to keep the UK involved with it, but the old saying of 'fooling all of them some of the time' has come home to roost - they know full well that Joe Public wants out, perferably before the eurozone members all go bankrupt and take us with them.
  2. The EU cannot be fixed, it is not broken it is Fcked.
    Years ago I remember an occifer asking what was wrong with a system, the Chief replied it's Fcked sir, officer said do you mean it's broken Chief? No sir if it was broken I could fix it was the eply.
    the EU is definitely Fcked.
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  3. And pull those money grabbing MEPs from Brussels, Kinnock and Co being paid extortionate sums of money and expenses none of it accountable. The whole system is corrupt, worse than the shower of idiots we have in our parliament.
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  4. Hague is entitled to his opinion as I am to mine. The sooner we get out of the EU the better and our first action if and when that happens should be to eject the EU scum and scroungers that have occupied us.
  5. Couldn't agree more, Mike - we've become the dumping ground for Europe, what with arseylum seekers, drug-runners, arranged marriages, gyppoes (AKA "travellers") and half the population of the baltic states over here claiming benefits that we're not entitled to - it's enough to make a shepherd **** his flock!
  6. These bloody politicians need to climb down from their ivory towers and take a walk in the real world, the one where you are accosted by 4 year old Romanian beggars and their minders etc, our country is in desperate need of some deep-cleaning, bring on the referendum and the sooner the better.
  7. :slow:
    Here in South West Wales ovine fornication is the norm:slow:
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  8. Hehe!
    Glad you're keeping the old traditions going, Taff!
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but given the parliamentary three line whip on the EU referendum question is being discussed next week, with a view to denying the public a right to a referendum, Mr Cameron did say that any future changes to the EU Constitution would be put to the public before ratification in future......( Pre Election Promise).
    "We will give the British people a referendum lock to which only they should hold the key, a commitment very similar to that which exists in Ireland," Mr Cameron added.
    "This is a major constitutional development, but I believe it's now the only way to reassure the British people that powers cannot be given away without their explicit approval in a referendum."

    Then along comes this evenings news from the EU Ministers in Bussels.
    BBC News - EU leaders discussing 'limited' changes to treaty
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  10. Yes, Cameron will give the UK occupants a referendum on the EU. He will, honest he will.

    But only once he and his cohorts have gerrymandered the population with sympathetic voters to ensure the vote goes his\their way. :angry4:
  11. Do you mean JeremyKyleMandered?
  12. Sometimes I do look at people and wonder why we did\do bother and stand on the wall.
  13. A nation without tradition is like a ship without a rudder.
  14. And as the current population are being replaced I wonder which course the ship will eventually steer.
  15. We in Wales intened to say on course no matter what, may I refer you to my first post.:tongue8:
  16. We can all now relax as Mr Chamberlain.....sorry Mr Cameron has spoken on the latest update from Brussels.
    ”I have secured a commitment today that we must safeguard the interests of countries that want to stay outside the euro, particularly with respect to the integrity of the single market for all 27 members.
    The EU text, described as a “major victory” by British diplomats, calls on the European Commission “to safeguard a level playing field among all member states including those not participating in the euro”.

    So there we have it ....all is well with the EU. The only question which remains unanswered is how far can you shove a bat up :pottytrain2:
  17. Could be right up to the hilt:pottytrain2: Edited to add,Dave issued a three line whip on the EU vote yesterday so will the 81 naughty MPs be outside the heads office this morning for a dammed good thrashing.:pottytrain2:
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