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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. Just wondered what you think of the way our pubs are being transformed by EU cultures.
    I have been in French and other restaurants where,when you have a meal the table is yours for as long as you want to sit,as a rule.
    Yesterday in a Weatherspoon pub,at the next table,three Polish people sat with a of cups of coffee for nearly 90 minutes talking, whilst other people arriving to eat could not find a table.
    Eventually the manager asked them to give room to others and was given the reply,in wonder,that they had paid for the table!
    The Manager,frightened of the Human rights thing left them to it.
    I have no problem with Polish or any others but I wondered if we are heading for a European type of drinking.
    On the Brave Swordsman we used to do a runner to Jersey often to get duty free top up,once the skipper had a parcel to get there and thought it would be better if he delivered, it so off we went!It was a great run ashore then,rousing pubs,pussy galore,a great place to “marinade your meat”
    I went back two years ago for the first time and it's all French/Italian eat out side type of culture.
    I stand at the bar and rarely eat in pubs so it it matters not a great deal to me but I just wondered is it for the better or the worse?
    If it's happening here in the Borders what are the town pubs like?
    BTW there is no racist comment here,just a question.
  2. I wish they would be transformed more, much much more.
    Think about how nice it would be if you never got asked 'who is next' if you rarely if ever got a dirty glass. If the barman/woman knew exactly how much everyone owed and where they are sitting; because they bring the drinks to you, and know who is next.
    If the toilets were even a tad cleaner than the glasses. If the entire concentration was not on the till. If there was even a tad of eye contact.
    If the barman/woman could talk other than in grunts, was clean, the bar more so, the glasses sparkling.
    Think about every third drink being free! Measures that are decent, not lip wetting insults.
    Plus that you will never be asked if you want another drink. That is your business, nobody elses.
    IMHO we have a long way to go, despite having some of the best beer in the world.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2011
  3. Sorry about the included"small boats type of language" it was meant for the Barge or Lils but I haven't got it weighed off yet.
  4. They can "EU" boozers as much as they like if it stops fat slappers sticking wine glass stalks in someones neck, blokes that cant take a wet throwing up and windmilling each other after 3 bottles of blue disco piss and miserable bar staff who hate custom.

    The British are *******, fact. Any overseas influence is always welcome in my book.
  5. No problem at all mate as it is a damn good thread to have around and needs some debate.
    My language is very 'small boats' when it comes to the state of the average Uk boozer and the clients within.
    They should all f'ck off and not bother coming out until they can behave themselves.
    Anyway small boats rock!
  6. (My bold)

    So the legal restraints are no factor in your not being out in public then?
  7. Legal restraints on the punters do you mean?:plotting:
  8. Splendid post.

    Couldn't agree more.
  9. Got to agree with Jimbo, I would take Mrs L out more if there was somewhere we'd enjoy spending time - ghey but true!
  10. Sorry to read that you didn't find a public house or two that was up to your standard. Even though I'm not a Bean (nothing inbred about me) I always try and support this little rock that I now call home.
    Yes, there is a strong European influence here, and to be honest has been for many years. The French, then the Italians, then Portuguese (Madeira) and now the Polish. Yes pub culture is changing, however there is enough variety here to even allow MLP to get riled over some of the fat slappers sticking wine glass stalks in someone's neck, along with blokes who cant take a wet throwing up and windmilling each other after 3 bottles of blue disco piss and miserable bar staff who hate custom. We have all sorts.

    If you come back I'd happily meet you for a wet. Give me an excuse to get away from the wife! :)
  11. A good point but nobody is taught or guided to how to behave anymore. There was nothing basically wrong with our pubs until the liberal wet buggers started saying to kids at school and anybody at the big end of their megaphone, do what the hell you feel like. Drink out of the bottle, glasses are optional, F and blind all you want because the Lounge is now combined with the Tap, sod the beer as foods more important etc, etc et bloody cetra.

    Personally, I don't want a tab/deckle whatever; I want to pay for it as I buy it where I buy it. OUR culture is being ripped apart by trendy sodding liberals and children who don't know any better and nobody has the time or spine to teach them.

    Rant to ground idle.
  12. Some good posts on here.

    IMHO the root of the problem stems initially with the Landlords/Pub Owners/Tenants and then latterly the Bar Staff

    Refusing to serve people who are drunk (and ideally large groups as well) is simply a condition of the pub licence but rarely enforced

    Ripping out the heart of the pub (remember the snug/tap/lounge bars) to create a vertical sprint drinking emporium with a TV screen/Fruit Machine in every corner is hardly conducive to providing a relaxed place to drink and converse with friends and family. Oh and one other thing, if they sell a full Sunday roast for £1.99 then I wouldn’t even let my dog eat it, let alone the wife

    Simply put it all boils down to greed at making as much dosh as possible at any cost

    Fortunately these sh*tholes are easy to spot such a big pub chains/vomit on the pavement outside

    On the plus side there are still plenty of decent boozers providing good beer/service/surroundings/food etc. Try the CAMRA/AA Good beer/pub guides

    A European approach to drinking culture can only be a good thing but the yoof of today will take some convincing and the change will need to be lead by responsible publicans
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There's a pub near me that is fanatastic. The booze is reasonably priced, it's clean and the punters and the staff are friendly. Even better is the fact that because it is surrounded by lots of these crappy theme type pubs that play music so loud that you feel like you're in a firefight, this one is quiet so the chav element don't tend to go there. I've gone past that stage where i want to shout to have a conversation.

    Our pub culture has gone down the toilet.
  14. Fair points and children in a pub (or a bouncy castle outside) generally make me run a mile. Or, the ones that seem to be run as an unofficial creche.
    There's no excuse for a dirty pub and worse dirty glasses.
    You have the option of paying upfront wherever you go, and generally it's best during busy times.
    Rant away mate, your entitled.
  15. And a dirty toilet to boot!
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There are still a lot of excellent country pubs around, clean, well run, traditional pub grub with some of the newer popular type stuff on the menu. If you live in the big Towns and Cities you get what you pay for but there are still good pubs to be found wherever you are
  18. There's a lot of pubs that I avoid as you just know they are pure filth and full of the same kinda people all of the time. There are some gems though, just take a bit of digging! I don't mind some chain pubs, if they have enough staff and don't attract the troublemakers that make you feel uncomfortable and create a bad atmosphere- would never go there for an occasion or anything mind.
  19. Thanks Flymo,I'll do that.We love Jersey and I'll get in touch next visit[Hotel Metropole great food,clean etc]
    We did find a pub on the main drag happily walked in only to find it full of Irish Navvies in Yellow Jackets giving it the full Wellie with language to boot.
    My wife is a Church woman and we left,quickly!
    I found another pub down by the harbour I recognised from the Swordsman days but it was dirty,no atmosphere etc so it was pavement drinking for me.
    BTW I thought the Islands night club had booked Jools Holland so I looked forward to that,in fact I missed it by a day and the act that was on was the Beverley Sisters!
    Sometime in my life I've must have shagged a witch,no-one could be that unlucky!
    I'll get in touch.Cheers
  20. I have heard good reports from others about the Metropole hotel. When I couldn't host my mother on her visits, she used to stay at the Mayfair hotel and gave it a thumbs up. It's also in St. Helier. (No, am not on any commission :) )

    Those pubs will be the Exeter Inn and La Folie (now closed down surprise surprise).
    You are most welcome and I look forward to the whet, as and when :) Just get the Bosun's Mate to give me a pipe and I'll pop up to the gangway.

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