EU Changes Rules On Size Of A Loaf

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by ukdaytona, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Over paid and bloody seriously under worked if they can make stupid F'ing decisions like this one.

    Then there are the home grown MPs complaining the move will threaten the 'traditional British Loaf' - Sorry thought that with all the Supermarkets forcing the smaller Butchers/Bakers etc to close there is no longer any such thing as a 'traditional British loaf'
  2. Do they make these things up while sat on the bog..( nothing against yer avatar daytona) the mind boggles :roll:
  3. Does this mean that young ladies can no longer have a bun in the oven?
  4. OH NO! Hope that this doesnt affect me making a sandwhich out of every evening meal i have.
    I always have to have bread and butter with every meal i eat, and i dont want my bread like that horrible European crap you used to get when you was out on deployment.

    I mean a digestive biscuit was bigger then some of them slices of bread, plus they taste of sugar instead of how breads meant to taste!!!

    This'll be a massive buggerance factor to the RN then, as thatll be evey matelot not being able to do their trick too of having bread and butter with every meal!!!!!!
  5. You just cant make this crap up can you. Lets get outta EU now.....

    Wasnt it Europe who tried to ban bananas for being to 'bent' ??
  6. Only if it conforms to EU sizing.... :wink:
  7. Perhaps I am reading the article incorrectly perhaps you can correct me, or you lot are just Europhobes.

    You complain about to many EU regulations. They scrap all EU and National regulation on the size/weight of pre-packaged food. So now any country can do exactly what it likes and you still complain.

    To top it all British MP's want to keep the EU regulation

    Another Nothing EU story spun out of control by the anti everything Little Englanders.

  8. I'm with Nutty on this one, surely it is a GOOD thing for a change?
  9. What I find incredible is the fact that these MEPs are paid large salaries to make these decisions.........
  10. So whats the problem, as far as I can see the bakers can still make any sized loaf that they want to.
  11. So if they can make a loaf any size, why has the EU parliament decided it necessary to bring in a law to change things ?
  12. To justify their existance and demonstrate their power!
  13. So as already stated they are a complete waste of time, money and oxygen
  14. Someone will correct e if I am wrong, but I believe that before this ruling came out loaves of bread in the UK had to be certain weights before they could be sold. If you look on the shelves in supermarkets you will see 800 grams and other weights displayed on the bread shelf. So really its a good thing.
  15. I've always been able to buy a large or small loaf so isnt this a case of it aint broke so lets interfere for the sake of it ?
  16. Pre-Packaged loaves had to be sold in 400g sizes (the size we are all used to). Nothing has changed there wrt loaf sizes, however, manufacturers may now sell loaves in other sizes as well, like "Half Loaf" for example. This is all it is :roll:
  17. Jobsworths comes to mind.
    I suppose being lucky, like I am, I live close to a thriving market town, I can buy any size, flavour or shape of loaf I want. Who needs some twat in Brussels saying otherwise.
  18. Holding my head in my hands , think I'll make a Sandwich , fancy a medium sized one , now shaking my head in amazement ,
  19. Yes but not pre-packaged, that is wrapped for a Airy Fairy. 400 grams or half or double. Now thay have taken the rules away and it can be of any weight. Just for a change say well done you Brussels twats for doing something sensible.

  20. Agree with you Nutty, thats twice in one day now that we have agreed. People will start talking.
    It is nice to see regulations relaxed by Brussels rather than tightened.

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