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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MG Maniac, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water the EU Brussels think-tank comes up with another cracker ...

    It seems from the article (which is far too sensible to be made up by the DM) seems to indicated that having now banned hi-power vacuum cleaners (over 16oo watts) they are now looking at non road machines!

    To start with I cannot for the life of me see that it matter not a jot if your vacuum cleaner is under or over 1600 watts ... the stuffin thing works by electricity which unless I am totally mistaken doesn't contribute to greenhouse gasses but hey ho I've been known to be wrong however ....

    It now seems that the ride-on mower / chain saw / river barges etc etc are going to be subject to an emissions test. So can someone let me know how the flying fcuk they are going to police it? Ok things like tractors / combine harvesters (also mentioned) if they go on the road will have to have some form of MOT which they could add the emission test to however how the hell are they going to find out about my trusty Sthil chainsaw / brushcutter which I service myself ... and all the other petrol driven machines dotted around the country. Are there going to be hoards of "Secret Agents" with powers of entry hiding under the hedge waiting for me to start woodcutting before leaping out and demanding an emissions certificate???? Not only that - considering the amount of goods that are transported on the continent by river barge and or diesel trains I think they are going to have their work cut out to make it work!

    The only thing I can see this achieving is an excuse for the farmers to put the price of foodstuffs up (if they've got to pay to have their John Deere emissions tested) and if they are going to ban any form of petrol powered machinery (other than cars/lorries) from being manufactured in the EU then its going to drive the manufacturers out. thus imposing additional import duty from outside the EU pushing prices up.

    So if there are any EU bureaucrats reading this .... GET A FCUKING LIFE!
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  2. The lunacy is these rules only apply to domestic purchases, like the lamp fiasco all you need to do is say it's for commercial use & you will still be able to buy what you like, non of the manufactures have said there going to cease production of these 1600 plus models.
  3. MG Maniac is talking dangerous nonsense. I suspect he is also a climate-change denier.
    For my money, it's a bloody good thing the EU is taking positive steps to address these issues rather than stick to being simply an economic union.
    For my money, golden-coloured toast is obviously better for you than dark toast.
    For my money, it is ludicrous to criticise an organisation simply because it isn't democratic or hasn't had its accounts signed off for umpteen years.
    For my money,............hang on it IS my money!
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  4. Globally, nearly 70% of electricity is produced from the burning of fossil fuels.
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  5. So, using my 3kW vacuum cleaner I can clean the house in 10 minutes. Then, using my <1600kW vacuum it takes me 20 minutes to achieve the same level of cleanliness. Meaning I have used a shedload more wigglies to get the same result - just where is the saving in that?
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  6. None at all at the moment.

    The way I saw it explained on TV, (and admittedly it was only presenting one side of the argument), was that it was hoped that manufacturers would be driven by market forces to produce more efficient machines providing the same cleaning power at lower wattage.
    It's already happening to some extent but they're rather expensive - at the moment. That should change in the same way as mobile phone technology has, or what was once luxury equipment on cars now fitted as standard.
    It's not an overnight fix but a step in the right direction I reckon.

    Like I said though, I only saw one side of the argument.
  7. Fixed, no charge.
  8. Here's some advice stop reading the daily mail.

    The best advice you will ever receive and I don't charge for it either.
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  9. I wouldn't say I am a climate change denier however the global warming brigade I feel yet to answer the fact that in the middle ages there were unarguably less population in the UK than we do now however the climate in UK was considerably warmer then than it is now. Consider the fact that in the Middle Ages (Knights/Round Table etc) some areas (Somerset Levels / East Anglian Fens) were affected by "Black Water Fever". Research and archaeology has confirmed this to be malaria. The only way you can catch malaria is be bitten by the female anopheles mosquito which is carrying the parasite yet the condition seems to have been endemic in those areas so unlikely that the disease could have been contracted elsewhere. The Anopheles mosquito is found in the UK even today however these days it does not carry the parasite despite it being able to because the climate is not warm enough. For the malaria parasite to reproduce it requires a constant stable temperature ergo the summer months in Britain would have had to be a lot warmer than they are now in order for the malaria parasite to reproduce - so if they had malaria in Britain in the Middle Ages without the population / burning fossil fuels and they don't know what was heating the climate to the extent that it was able to sustain the malarial parasite? The logical answer is the weather is cyclic i.e. there are extremes of heat / cold.

    Now OK I do agree that pollution is an issue which may contribute to the global warming debate however I cannot for the life of me see by introducing an un-policable edict to emissions test the likes of chain saws et al is an efficient way of spending EU revenue.

    By the way ... dark toast is better for you due to the degree of carbon released which when ingested absorbs toxins more efficiently!
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  10. Mrs Sumo was worried about this reduced power cleaner, so she went out an brought a turbo powered monster to put away as a spare for when the other breaks down, which will be no time soon as the only carpet we have is on the stairs, the rest is laminate, which she prefers to clean with long handled dustbin and brush? Women and brain function (sorry wrong thread
  11. According to my reckoning, you will have had 10 more minutes peace than you would have had normally. Which over the year equates to 2.5 days, or a whole weekend of peace and quiet. Well done Brussels I say.
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  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Succinctly put ! :D
  13. I use a ******* dustpan and brush.
    The Pound shop r.r.p. £1.00

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