EU Blair Calls for "Elected President"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. Tony Blair: people must elect EU president, former PM says - Telegraph
    The barstewards at it again. "We need an elected leader, we need to share defence to be a major player etc. Usual spin on Iraq and Prof Kelly.
    All this call for greater EU unification when the EU Parliament refuses to publish MEP expenses despite the EU Court stating "There is an over riding public interest to publish the data..... Over to you Finks.
  2. If Blair says it's a good idea we should run as far as possible in the other direction.he UK has had two wars and hundreds of dead servicemen and women to show for his previous good ideas surely we wouldn't be silly enough to go for a third.I expect he has a good idea on who would make a good president too.
  3. Agree totally with you.....but where is Finks? He's normally swallowed the bait by now:laughing2:
  4. I'll bite, re-instate Capital Punishment in the UK and trial Mr Anthony Blair for Treason.

  5. As we speak Finks is looking for a sponser and seconder for his beloved ex leader
  6. I agree totally.The last thing the World needs is another dose of that self -serving pillock.
  7. He would the ****! He wants the job.

    I think Arnold Shwarzenegger should do it!
  8. European president ?... an election ?....this smacks of 'democracy'... the EU won't like that !
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  9. The only man in the world, besides Paul Gadd, that I hate. he should be indicted and tried for war crimes by the ICC.
  10. Does anyone give a shite what that twat blair has to say on anything?
  11. You used to

  12. As information emerges one can always change one's opinion and my informed opinion of blair is here somewhere for all to see, if they so wish. Much water has passed under the bridge since that euphoric night of 97.

    There are members here who thought the sun shone out of Cameron's arse and that view has changed for a number of them in just over a year.
  13. Sorry Finks more information emerging about your current batch....and while it does Cameron is getting away with it....
    Labour coup: Ed Miliband's role in the plot to overthrow Tony Blair - Telegraph
    When will you learn that all politicians of any political persuasion are self seeking and self promoting irks.
  14. True enough but when will you learn that newspapers always put their own political spin on things and that the real truth lies hidden somewhere between the lines?
  15. Bandy you are labouring under a misapprehension. You assume that I read the newspapers. There is always the net/television, and, like the Welsh they too are all biased.
  16. The Welsh? WTF have they to do with anything? I have lived amongst them for years and they don't give a toss about anything you can't eat, drink, shag or kick around a field, an attribute of which I thoroughly approve. :pottytrain2:
    BTW, isn't The Telegraph a newspaper, whether it is online or in print?
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  17. Bliar and the Presidecy of EU, what load of Bullbagels, the EU is NOT a nation or a state but a miss cobbled group of snout snorting money grubbing wannabe polies whose sole interest in life is misapropriating loads of dosh and being very wordy about who should do what in their own middens, he (Bliar) should take a long walk aft.

    And he reads the Koran so now he,s an unconvinced Roman Candle, interview with Benedict without coffee methinks and no Bene Merenti.

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