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  1. Currently on the waiting list for ETWE (SM) as the idea of working on various weapon systems appealed to me and the job seems interesting. Lately I'v also been looking at ETME (SM) as that looks rather interesting too. Was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what its like to be in each of the 2 jobs and how they have found the experience to be.

    Iv been thinking ETME might hold better prospects post RN than ETWE. Iv read both job factsheets but they dont give much away.

    Id find either role enjoyable I think but thought I should see what others think. :-D

  2. You get an easier life as a WE but IMHO the ME skills are easier to transfer to civvy street but I might be biased as I was an ME.
  3. Aye the ME's on HMS Manchester in that ch5 programme the other night sure had it harder than everyone else. :p

    Im thinking about the transferrable skills a fair bit as it'd be silly not to with people having to work later in life than before
  4. Forendy or Stoker difficult, similar skills. As a Forendy I have gone into the stokers watch bill at sea and along side to help out,surplus of Greenies shortage of Stokers. MEs get their knowledge acknowledged, certified to work on kit, WEs didnt. Swings and roundabouts. It always seems the other guys got it easy untill you have to do it, even in the same branch.
  5. As a CPOET (SM) i agree with Wrecker L.....if the government go ahead with the plans for the new nuclear power stations you will find yourself in great demand, should you decide in later life to leave or come naturally to the end of your RN career.
  6. I have went for etwe, and looking forward to it seams really interesting when did u 1st apply
    I had to wait 11 month for my date it was s long hard wait and during it I also looked into other
    Jobs but didn't change my mind w.e seam the right choice for me after all my ca told me I couldn't
    Change jobs
  7. Aye Good point
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  8. Well I think that it don't matter who you talk to what you read you will know in urself what u want
    Pjft. Is sound mate just get good running shoes and get out or to gym as much as u can this isn't just for pjft
    But ur start for raleigh
  9. What???????????
  10. One of those gay believe in yourself posts.
  11. Sounds like some fudged engrish translation from a chinese spam email. Belief your goals true shall come in 1000 years die before complete! Go be a man with yourself and believe love shit hello life.


    On topic: What Jollysailor said! ;P
  12. Clearly someone had been reading too deeply into the fortune cookie messages :p

    Aye I went for ETME (SM) in the end and luckily wasnt made to restart my waiting time. Just looking forward to moving ahead with my application
  13. Just as a point, is there a reference guide to all these bloody trade acronyms?

    I keep seeing things like ETME (SM), MA (GS), CIS, AET etc and have no bloody idea what they all mean!
  14. ETME (SM)= Engineering Technician Marine Engineering (Submariner)
    ETWE (SM)= Engineering Technician Weapons Engineering (Submariner)
    MA (GS)= Medical Assistant (General Service)
    CIS= Communications Information Specialist
    AET= Aircraft Engineering Technician
  15. ETME (SM) = engineering technician marine engineer (submariner)
    ETWE (SM) = engineering technician weapons engineer (submariner)
    MA (GS) = Medical assistant (general service)
    CIS = communications information specialist.
    AET = Aircraft engineering technician

    They are all acronyms to trades within the royal navy.
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  16. AET Air Engineering Technician
    CIS Communication and Information Systems Specialist
    CIS (SM) Communication and Information Systems Specialist (Submariner)
    CT Communications Technician
    Logs Chef (S/M) Logistician Chef (Submariner)
    Logs CS (P)/Chef Logistician Catering Services (Preparation)/Chef
    Logs CS (D)/Std Logistician Catering Services (Delivery)/Steward
    Logs CS (D)/Std (SM) Logistician Catering Services (Delivery)/Steward (Submariner)
    Diver Diver!
    DSA/Dental Nurse Dental Surgery Assistant
    ET (ME) Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)
    ET (ME) (SM) Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) (Submariner)
    ET (WE) Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering)
    ET (WE) (SM) Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering) (Submariner)
    MA Medical Assistant
    MA (SM) Medical Assistant (Submariner)
    Logs Pers (WTR) Logistician Personnel (Writer)
    Logs Pers (WTR)(SM) Logistician Personnel (Writer) (Submariner)
    NA (AH) Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler)
    NA (SE) Naval Airman (Survival Equipment)
    NN (S) Naval Nurse (Student)
    NN (Q) Naval Nurse (Qualified)
    SEA SPEC Seaman Specialist
    SA/Logs SC Stores Accountant/Logistician Supply Chain
    SA (SM) Stores Accountant (Submariner)
    WS S (SM) Warfare Specialist Sensors (Submariner)
    WS T (SM) Warfare Specialist Tactical (Submariner)
    WS (HM) Warfare Specialist (Hydrographic and Meteorological)
    WS (MW) Warfare Specialist (Mine Warfare)
    WS Warfare Specialist
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  17. I should add that I did that list last year. Since then the Logistics jobs have dropped the extra wording and have reverted to simply Writer, Chef and Steward.
  18. ah ok, thanks a lot for that
  19. When are the Technicals going back to: Greenie, Pinkie, Fore Endy and Stoker?
  20. Now questions like Xnaders is why we need the RRPaedia back. :)

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