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I would definitely like to work on weapons but I heard that warfare specialists work with small arms more, anyhow - what would you recommend? Considering that I want to work with weapons and tech.

Also if you have the time, pros and cons of both roles?



War Hero
It depends whether you want to mainly fire the things and break them or whether you want to occasionally shoot them and fix them. The latter option (WE) gives you wide-ranging transferable technical qualifications, the first option (WS) doesn't and you have to bear in mind we don't fire guns on a daily basis, so you will find yourself otherwise employed when not at action stations.


War Hero
The more technical the job, the higher the recruiting test score required to join. WE is about half the waiting time to join when compared to WS.

The tip is revise for the recruiting test - practice against the clock.

Good luck.
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