Lantern Swinger
A few avid RR readers have contacted me to ask what an ETM is, so I thought I'd enlighten you - It really only concerns the RNR or those who work with the RNR. (but everyone is welcome to read on)

ETM stands for Electronic Temp Memo
and all Sea(Res) personell, plus relevent DOs, STOs and PSIs have been asked (or should have been asked) to provide me with thier email address so I can create (well get a switched on LS from HMS President to create) a global email address list that enables me to disseminate relevent info to the Sea(Res) branch quickly.

In the unlikely event that you are a Sea(Res) Rating or a STO/DO/PSI who doesn't know anything about this, if you PM me, I will ensure you get some more info

Yours Aye

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