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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Mike777, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. I'm going in as ETME SM and I have my interview in a few weeks. My recruiter says he'll be asking questions such as how long the training is, and apart from the 10 weeks at Raleigh, I can't find any more, other than the ETME training is at Sultan. Any help?
  2. thanks for the quick reply. Four months at Gosport, then it doesn't say how long specialist training is, any ideas?
  3. The Standard Initial Training Period for ET(ME)(SM) is 12 months.
  4. Is that basic, sm and et total?
  5. Boats course is 8 weeks (after you've done Sultan).

  6. And then the work REALLY begins.............
  7. Thats me! I'm an ETME(SM) and i've been in for nearly a year. I recently completed SMQ (S) Dry and am soon to start the proper work.

    The phase 2 training is called the Engineering Technician Initial Career Course (ETICC), it is 18 weeks long, about 80% of which is based in the classroom.

    The phase 2B is the SMQ which is an 18 week course split into a dry (classroom) phase which is the first 10 weeks followed by an 8 week wet phase which is the on the job training completed when you join your boat, i think the 8 weeks is more of a guideline.

    I hope this will help you impress you interviewer, if you have any other questions about the training then PM me i'll try to help.

  8. cheers mate, btw you've got mail
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