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Hi All,

I have had a search but it didn't bring up much. Also asked a friend who was an AET but I think has moved on to CDO Heli Force.

At the moment, I'm coming to the end of a 4 year mechanical engineering apprentiship. Was thinking it would be wise to join up as an ETME as it would fit in nicely to what I have done so far but now I am having second thoughts and wondering if being a fitter/ETME is what I want to be doing forever.

I have thought about changing my application to AET, as I have always had an interest in aircraft.

What I would like to know, knowning what alot of you know now, it you were to choose a trade which one would it be?

Thought it would be better to ask on here and brave the flak than never to ask at all.

Pick your branch...........
You won't be just fitting as an ME. It's a quite a diverse role. The higher up the ladder you go the less hands on you'll do. CPO ME's can be running a section onboard or inboard, in the Technical section at Bath, instructing or not even involved in technical matters. WO ME's are mainly involved in planning.

AET's are the same but with less sea time (in most cases, before the woo's throw their toys out of the pram :-D).
You need to be a Wafu AET,:angel7: No fishead EM. Loads of early chops make and mends, extended long weekend leaves, Luvley Jubley, and all the gronks love you:laughing2:


Lantern Swinger
Cheers for the help so far.

As long as I'm fixing something, I'm happy. Maybe as I get older, the work available at higher ranks (if i get there) might appeal to me but at the moment I just love a good bit of grease.

AET bunch, how much "fixing" actually gets done? Do you ever do much work on the control systems of the aircraft? Is it quite a varied job?

My ex AET mate, said he wasn't being biased about AET but has more or less "sold" it to me. He did say that you get to choose what aircraft you work, which might have been the case when he joined but I can't see that happening now?

Also I'm guessing switiching my choice to AET is going to increase my wait with the lack of fixed wing? Although, that does not really matter.

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