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Hello all.

I am about to enter HMS Raleigh joining as an ETME (SF) I was wondering what the normal working hours/shift pattern do they use? Will this effect shore time when away at sea. ("Drinking Rum")

I have an NCFE in Maritime Engineeing, BTEC Diploma in Engineering, 8 months sea time on a ship working apart of the maintenance team. Will this make my life a little easier onboard to learn more and progress with my task book rather than mastering The Art of Tea? ;)

Which Surface Fleet Ship would be best to complete my task books?

Are there any books that I could take with me rather than pestering the LH, PO or CPO? I have read most basic engineering/electrical books.



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Not sure what an ETME(SF) is, I assume surface fleet before the usual STC stuff starts.

You have good groundwork for ETME but any ship is suitable for doing your taskbook, as for books to take with you, don't bother. You'll be supplied with all you need and taught what you need to know.
I have completed my PRNC. I had a hiccup I had my Date for HMS Raleigh in the 15th of October 2015 but I got a minor car offence and had to pay my fine off. So I thought I'd wait for after Christmas to pay it, due to the fact my 10 weeks would run during Christmas. 2 weeks off inbetween would be leathful due to drinking then going back. So I need to pay my fine off and attend an interview my AFCO said it won't be a worry and I won't have to wait 12months to re apply which is a good sign.

That's good to know WreckerL that there helpful. There where a few x navy ET's I met who where motorman on my ships and they said they learned nothing, I gather it's a fact of keenness or stupidity lol.


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Times have changed, the ET(ME) phase two course is now 30 weeks long and you'll then consolidate that knowledge by completing task book training. Personnel are nominated to ensure you satisfactorily complete this training afloat, so don't be too worried about pestering people, it is their job.

A basic background in mechanical engineering may well accelerate your advancement throughout your career. I joined as a qualified civilian toolmaker and was a leading rate inside a couple of years and a petty officer four years later.
30 weeks that's not bad I spent 4 years at college ( fabrication/ welding/ engineering/ electrical engineering/ PLC's/) and 2 years at university studying maritime engineering which was constant exams/assignments and revising.
Well done Ninja_Stoker that's a rather good timing to become a PO as I have read so far. I'm career thrived (I live to work, not Work to live) I hope I can progress quickly through the ranks and enjoy my time in the RN. And for questions I think I have a little too many :/


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Getting rapid advancement is down to you, I was the archetypal big OD and was a one badgeman, decided I better get myself sorted and was a one badge PO when I started Mechs course so went from AB1 to PO in four years, dry rosters helped though!
Wow are you still in the RN? I hope to like it and do my 22 years or more. I left my job to join the Royal Navy. 28 days on/28 days off 12hrs shifts everyday with nothing todo other than the usual morning rounds and an the odd preventive maintenance. Money was good but 28 days home a killer I sure became a local in the pub while my mates where at work. Didnt enjoy it 1 bit.
Well done WreckerL by some sites I've seen it makes out ranking is hard, on my PRNC one of the staff he was saying it took him 10 years to achieve LH on a Submarine. I sure did think twice aha. But that must be down to him.

Thanks guys this really makes me feel better that hard work pays off.

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